Superbonus 110 Mef — idealista/news

Superbonus 110 Mef — idealista/news
Superbonus 110 Mef — idealista/news

In terms of accessibility to the superbonus 110 intervened on Mef by answering a question. According to what has been clarified, green light to the facilitation also to illegal properties. Let’s see in detail what has been clarified.

Responding to a question in the commission by Gian Mario Fragomeli and Gianluca Benamati of the Democratic Party, the Ministry of Economy clarified that the presentation of the new Cilas does not provide for the certification of the legitimate status, consequently separates the fiscal aspect from that of regularity building.

The answer came in relation to the case of a condominium characterized by abuses that cannot be cured, that is, “provided with building permit and qualification, built in deviation from the original project, incurable from an urbanistic point of view”, but made alienable following the repentance of the condominiums.

The Ministry of Economy first explained that, according to the latest amendments of the Simplifications decree, interventions relating to the superbonus can be carried out through Cilas, whose presentation “does not require certification of the legitimate status”. Consequently, the presence of an abuse has no tax consequences for the superbonus 110 percent. The control prerogatives of the municipal administrations remain.

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The Mef confirms: 110% also for illegal properties (Il sole 24 ore)


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