Lazio report cards – Strakosha, what a mistake! Luis Alberto does not affect, Milinkovic-Savic wastes

Lazio report cards – Strakosha, what a mistake! Luis Alberto does not affect, Milinkovic-Savic wastes
Lazio report cards – Strakosha, what a mistake! Luis Alberto does not affect, Milinkovic-Savic wastes

Strakosha 4.5 – How much the sensational error with which allows Galatasaray to take the lead weighs on the evaluation. Try to redeem himself on Cicaldou but the omelette was good that served.

Lazzari 5,5 – He shows little in the right lane, dedicating himself more to coverage where he is very careful. In the second half, Morutan’s cross clears instead of letting it slide towards the back, but the fundamental error is Strakosha’s.

Luiz Felipe 5.5 – Very solid in the closures in the center of the defense. In the second half, on the other hand, some mistakes when the ball is forgotten, favoring Akturkoglu’s bloody restart and then does not shorten on Cicaldou.

Acerbi 6 – Look for the deep hint for companions with accurate throws. Some indecision leaving room for the Galatasaray forwards who, especially in the second half, create problems.

Hysaj 6 – Now it also fits in the left lane. Some errors in the push phase especially when he has to go to the cross but the performance is more than enough.

First Akpro 5.5 – He replaces Milinkovic-Savic in the middle of the field. A game of substance for the biancoceleste player but also a few too many inaccuracies (Dal 55 ‘Milinkovic-Savic 5.5 – Not a positive entry, misses a few too many passes and blatantly fails the equalizer).

Lucas Leiva 6 – Low median pin. Always punctual in the folding phase, ready to retrieve the balls, he orchestrates the maneuver by often playing the ball on the ground (From 83 ‘Cataldi sv).

Luis Alberto 5.5 – Few ideas in the offensive phase. Something more is always expected from the Magician who, however, in the second half engages Muslera with a conclusion from a distance but it is too little (Dal 65’ Basic 5,5 – Helps teammates in forcing but commits some ingenuity by turning on some dribbling too many).

Felipe Anderson 6 – Take advantage of the spaces in the right lane to get away as he does by looking for hints towards the center of the area (Dal 65′ Pedro 6 – He is always in the center of the area. Unlucky when he hits the head in the area favoring the parade of Muslera).

Immobile 5,5 – The Giallorossi defense closes very tightly on the captain who has little room to act. He moves well but has no chance to kick on goal (Dal 55 ‘Muriqi 5,5 – He would have the ball of the advantage on his feet but he controls badly by getting back together, in the end he also remedies a yellow).

Zaccagni 5.5 – The most mobile of the biancoceleste attack. At his debut in Europe he perhaps feels the weight of the first and commits a few too many smudges.

Often 5.5 – Second consecutive defeat for his Lazio which does not shine in Instabul. Several technical errors for the Biancocelesti even if Strakosha’s decisive error weighs heavily.

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