Insults on the web to Loretta Goggi. Venier defends her: “He had to stay”

Insults on the web to Loretta Goggi. Venier defends her: “He had to stay”
Insults on the web to Loretta Goggi. Venier defends her: “He had to stay”

The insults and offenses have removed her from social networks, but not from TV. After the recent controversy Loretta Goggi is ready to return to the small screen host of Sunday In. In the TV lounge of Mara Venier, the singer will explain the reasons for her farewell to the web after the rain of offenses received following her participation in the Seat Music Awards. On the eve of the guest, Venier defends Loretta Goggi: “He did what he felt he was doing and has all my solidarity“.

For days the controversy that has seen Loretta Goggi as the protagonist, ended up in the crosshairs of the haters after having performed on the stage of the Seat Music Awards, has been taking place. The dress, the make-up and the lip-synching have attracted criticism from the usual haters of the web, who have showered her with insults and offensive comments on its social channels and on its official website. A wave of hate “of an indescribable malice and arrogance“- she commented – to which the artist replied first by publishing a note of indignation, then by deactivating all his profiles on the web.”I do not go down further to the level of the lions and lionesses of the keyboard. The only thing is to distance yourself from it“, wrote Loretta Goggi on Facebook, saying goodbye to her virtual fans.

On his side he took sides Mara Venier, who wanted her to be a guest in the first episode of Sunday In, broadcast on September 19, just to talk about the controversy and social hatred: “Loretta did what she felt she was doing and has all my solidarity in the face of the shameful case of the attack against her on social media. But he didn’t have to go away, he had to stay“. The presenter defended the singer during the press conference to present the new edition of her Sunday program, which she will conduct for the last year.

Venier strongly wanted Loretta Goggi in the studio because she too, over the last few months, has been the subject of offenses and insults on social media: “Unfortunately, most of those who launch those offenses are made up of adult women, over 60, the most aggressive, other than the famous female solidarity …“. The presenter asked for stricter rules on social network to prevent haters from freely offending and threatening anyone: “The truth is that we cannot defend ourselves: I block them or I really send them to that country, indeed ‘aff …’. It is not true that a public figure has to accept everything, when the offense is ferocious and violent “. Venier certainly does not allow it, she confessed herself, and her annoyed replies to the haters on social networks are proof of this.


Insults web Loretta Goggi Venier defends stay

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