new controller coming, according to a rumor –

new controller coming, according to a rumor –
new controller coming, according to a rumor –

Soon a new controller per Nintendo Switch, according to a rumor that has been circulating on the net in the last few hours.

As NintendoLife reports, it all started thanks to the Twitter user

who spotted a FCC application for a product defined as a “Nintendo Game Controller”, registered just today, Thursday, September 16, 2021. FCC IDs are assigned to devices registered with the United States Federal Communications Commission and are required to legally sell wireless devices in the United States.

The FCC application of the alleged new Nintendo Switch controller

The interesting thing is that the FCC ID in this case is “BKEHAC043” which already offers a first clue about the controller. The code “HAC” is in fact used for all products related to Nintendo Switch (the first model to say is marked as HAC-001). In short, inevitably it must be a controller for the hybrid console of the Kyoto house.

But what exactly will it be? Hard to say. It could be a new controller for the Nintendo Switch Online app (perhaps designed specifically for Game Boy titles). Or a new model of the Pro Controller which will arrive in stores in conjunction with the launch of the Nintendo Switch OLED and which may be accompanied by the much requested headphone jack or other functions.

To find out the truth in any case, we just have to wait. The FCC application expires on March 16, 2022, which means that most likely the official reveal from Nintendo will arrive by that date.

Meanwhile, Nintendo Switch update 13.0.0 is available and adds Bluetooth audio.


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