RELIVE LIVE – Galatasaray – Lazio 1-0: Strakosha’s own goal is decisive

RELIVE LIVE – Galatasaray – Lazio 1-0: Strakosha’s own goal is decisive
RELIVE LIVE – Galatasaray – Lazio 1-0: Strakosha’s own goal is decisive

UEFA Europa League 2021-2022 | 1st day

Thursday 16 September 2021, 6:45 pm

Ali Sami Yen Sports Complex, Istanbul

GALATASARAY – LAZIO 1-0 (67′ Strakosha aut.)

GALATASARAY (4-2-3-1): Muslera; Yedlin, Marcao, Nelsson, Van Aanholt; Kutlu, from Antalya (78′ Kilinc); Morutan (85′ Feghouli), Cicaldau, Kerem (78′ Babel); Dervisoglu.

A disp.: Çipe, Öztürk, Mohamed, Ömer Bayram, Kaan Arslan, Luyindama, Atalay, Diagne.

All.: Fatih Terim

LAZIO (4-3-3): Strakosha; Lazzari, Luiz Felipe, Acerbi, Hysaj; Akpa Akpro (56 ‘Milinkovic), Leiva (83’ Cataldi), Luis Alberto (66 ‘Basic); Felipe Anderson (66 ‘Pedro), Immobile (56’ Muriqi), Zaccagni.

Available: Reina, Furlanetto, Patric, Radu, Marusic, Escalante, Moro.

All .: Maurizio Sarri

Referee: Matej Jug (SVN); Assistants: Žunič (SVN) – Vidali (SVN); IV man: Smajc (SVN); VAR: Vinčić (SVN); AVAR: Obrenovic (SVN)

Ammonites: 8 ‘Muslera (L), 42’ Akpa Akpro (L), 90 ‘+ 4’ Zaccagni (L)


90 ‘+ 4’ Triple whistle: Galatasaray – Lazio ends.

90 ‘+ 4’ Yellow card in the final also for Weather in Zaccagni.

90 ‘+ 4’ Cataldi for Milinkovic Savic, but Babel does not let himself be moved and he harpoons the ball.

90 ‘+ 2’ Punishment of Lazio after the foul suffered by Weather in Zaccagni.

90 ‘The extra-time has been announced at this moment: it will be played until 94’.

85 & # 39; The change of Galatasaray takes place: inside Feghouli.

83 ‘Another substitution for Lazio: outside Leiva, inside Cataldi.

82 ‘Physical problem for Morutan, which remains on the ground. In his place, ready to enter Feghouli.

80 ‘Nice play by Pedro, that feint and pull. The ball, however, stops directly between Strakosha’s gloves.

78 ‘Double change for Terim: outside Antalyali and Kerem, inside Kilinc and Babel.

76′ Acerbi he tries from afar: the conclusion is quite high above the crossbar.

75′ Weather in Zaccagni goes to the left and looks for a cross-shot: it is too easy for the Galatasaray goalkeeper to intervene.

73 & # 39; Lazio tries: Weather in Zaccagni per Pedro which hits the head, but there is the intervention of Muslera.

71 ‘Good intervention this time of Strakosha on the conclusion of Cicaldau. It will be a corner kick for Galatasaray.

70 ‘Huge opportunity for Lazio! Acerbi serves in depth Milinkovic who, however, with the desire to lob, delivers the ball directly to Muslera.

67 & # 39; Strakosha’s sensational mistake that leads to Galatasaray’s advantage. Lazzari lifts the ball and the goalkeeper takes it directly to the net!

66 ‘Another change for Lazio: out Anderson and Luis Alberto, in Pedro and Basic.

65 & # 39; Beautiful action from Lazio, orchestrated by Felipe Anderson. The Brazilian serves Muriqi, who is bricked by Nelsson.

63′ Lazzari ends up on the ground after the intervention of Marcao against him. But for the referee the foul is from the Lazio winger.

62 ‘Galatasaray still close to the lead. Kerem cross at the address of Cicaldau which concludes by first intention: the ball goes out a little.

61 ‘Out of very little the conclusion of Kerem!

59′ Luis Alberto concludes from the edge of the penalty area, he gets there muslera. Muriqi puts the ball back in the center, there is the deviation of the Giallorossi rearguard.

58 ‘Felipe’s cross Anderson is walled up by Marcao. Finally a good action from Lazio, started by Luiz Felipe.

56 & # 39; Now comes the double change for Sarri: Akpa Akpro and Immobile leave, Milinkovic and Muriqi enter.

55 ‘The left of Cicaldau stops directly on Van Aanholt. However, the Romanian’s shot was not particularly convincing.

54 ‘Warm-up phase for Vedat Muriqi which, from here shortly, could make its entry into the field.

53′ Luis Alberto loses ball, Marcao recover and First Akpro do it again. It will be a free kick for the home team.

51 & # 39; Very bad mistake of the two central Lazio, with Kerem that flies towards the door defended by Strakosha. The goalkeeper is forced to step in with his foot.

50 ‘Excited phase of the match, which ends with a free kick in favor of Galatasaray.

47′ muslera anticipates well Immobile. The goalkeeper moves away, Felipe tries Anderson on the rebound without frightening the opponents.

45 ‘The second half begins now: no change for the two teams in the race.


45 ‘Double whistle, the first portion of the game of Galatasary – Lazio ends.

45 ‘Free kick for Galatasaray: Lucas Leiva heads the ball away from Morutan’s cross.

44 ‘Dangerous intervention in the penalty area of Marcao its Immobile. The attacker thus fails to finish on goal, but for the referee there is no irregularity. The game continues.

42 ‘Second foul within a few minutes for First Akpro, this time to the detriment of Marcao. The Ivorian remedies the yellow card.

40′ Felipe Anderson anticipates well Van Aanholt, but without keeping the ball in the field. The home team starts again.

38 ‘Bad intervention by First Akpro in midfield against Cicaldau. The referee gives the penalty to Galatasaray, without drawing any card for the Ivorian.

37 ‘Naive mistake of Lazzari under construction: the move to Felipe’s address Anderson ends directly in out. Applause from the Brazilian to cheer up the former Spal winger.

35 ‘Very short check of the Var on the previous action: there are no extremes for the penalty kick.

34′ Immobile he goes all alone to the door defended by muslera. The attacker ends up on the ground after the intervention of Yedlin, remains on the ground for a few seconds and then gets up immediately afterwards.

32′ Dervisoglu per Van Aanholt, but Lazzari puts the ball for a corner. It will be a corner for Galatasaray.

29′ Weather in Zaccagni recovers an excellent ball and then starts again on the wing. He is stopped by Yedlin irregularly: Lazio starts again.

27 ‘Contact at the edge of the penalty area between Cicaldau and Lucas Leiva: vehement the public controversy, but the referee continues the action.

25 ‘Corner kick for Galatasaray: the ball goes in the middle of the area, Luiz Felipe good at releasing.

23 ‘The crossbar saves Lazio! The conclusion was that of Morutan, who is desperate for the missed goal.

22 & # 39; Opportunity also for Galatasaray with Blessed who, served well by Kerem, finds himself face to face with Strakosha: the midfielder born in ’98 fails to materialize on the net.

19 ‘Great opportunity for Lazio: series of exchanges between Luis Alberto e Immobile. The Magician concludes, but there was Ciro’s off-side position on the first pass. It starts again muslera.

18 ‘Extremely long possession of the Galatasaray which, however, does not seem to gain meters of the field.

15′ Immobile per Weather in Zaccagni. The winger’s cross is deflected for a corner. But there will be no corner kick in favor of Lazio for the off-side position of the ’95 class.

13 ‘From the developments of the corner, Hysaj he tries to cross in the box, but the ball is too long and he gets lost directly in the out.

12 & # 39; Nice progression on Felipe’s wing Anderson, which puts the ball in the box. There is a deviation, the first corner also for Lazio.

10′ Luiz Felipe providentially deflects an excellent ball that was between the feet of Dervisoglu. The corner is not exploited well by Galatasaray, Lazio starts again.

9′ Luis Alberto opt for a scheme: the free kick is a vertical pass at the address of Immobile. The ball is still well intercepted by the Turkish rearguard.

8 ‘Intervention outside the area of muslera its Lazzari. The referee warns the goalkeeper and concedes the penalty from the edge to Lazio.

7′ Cicaldau, served by Dervisoglu, focuses and tries the shot. The conclusion is totally wrong, the ball is lost high over the crossbar.

5 ‘Galatasaray controversy after the alleged foul suffered by Dervisoglu: for the referee there is no irregular intervention. You keep playing.

2 ‘Excellent starting point from Felipe Anderson who overtakes an opponent and serves Weather in Zaccagni in the area. The former Verona tries to harpoon the reverse ball, but the referee stops the action due to a dangerous game.

2′ First Akpro think about the conclusion of the distance: the shot is deflected, the ball does not even reach the area.

1 ‘Referee’s whistle: Galatasaray – Lazio begins!

UPDATE AT 6.40 pm – Shortly after came the words of the director Igli Loud: “Champions group. Zaccagni? Let’s not put pressure on him.” (HERE the complete statements).

UPDATE AT 18.25 – In the immediate pre-match of Galatasaray – Lazio, the words of Gonzalo arrived Escalante: “Today will be a war and we want to win it” (HERE the complete statements).

Good evening friends and friends of from Elena Bravetti and welcome to the direct message of the match between Galatasary and Lazio, the first challenge of the group stage of the Europa League. The biancocelesti led by Sarri will be able to immediately resume their journey after last Sunday’s bad defeat against Milan at San Siro. The group in which Lazio was included is complicated, starting with the team that will face this afternoon, that of Terim. Immediately after there will be Lokomotiv Moscow and Marseille. The starting whistle for today’s match is set at 6.45pm. The atmosphere will be very hot, with just under 30,000 Turkish fans following the Giallorossi. The race promises to be fiery.

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