Mise is tight, the 23 new round and focus on mobility hub

Became a race against time the dispute over the Whirlpool site in Naples that the multinational closed last July by starting the procedure of lcollective dismissal for 350 workers. The 75 days required by law for an agreement between the company and trade unions
in fact, they will fall on 29 September next
. And today, from the meeting at the Ministry of Labor, yet another cold shower arrived for Fim Fiom Uilm but also for the Mise which aimed to convince the white multinational to freeze the layoffs while waiting to be able to better realize the hypothesis of a consortium of companies that would constitute a real ‘Hub’ on sustainable transport with which to manage the reabsorption of the workforce of the Campania site.

In fact, Whirlpool has announced that there will be no backtracking and that the 350 layoffs will start at the end of the procedure, on 29 September next. The only ‘opening’ arrived today by the company, which recalled how for over 2 years it has responded positively to the requests of the government to postpone the closure of the site in via Argine, is that relating to the willingness to support workers with economic incentives. exit and to provide support for their possible voluntary transfer to another site of the group.

A decision that therefore forced the He set to speed up the times analysis of the new project in the pipeline with companies “solid, capable and reputed” ea convene the plenary negotiating table (Invitalia, company and trade unions) as early as next 23 September overcoming that alley to the confidentiality of the companies that will be part of the consortium that until now has prevented the dicastery from sharing the possible reindustrialization project still under construction. A project, this, claimed by Deputy Minister Alessandra Todde who also wanted to clear the table of doubts and perplexities. “I would not like to get the message across that the government has not worked, it would be really a great lack of respect”, he explained to those present.

On 23 September, therefore, the Mise will have to discover the cards: on the other hand, as noted by Invitalia itself during the meeting “the situation in the Naples area is now heavy and many companies interested in investments in the Campania area have decided not to proceed due to the strong tensions in the area “. An appointment considered by Fim Fiom and Uilm to be “decisive” and for which they urged the participation of the Minister of Economic Development, Giancarlo Giorgetti. “The time has come for Minister Giorgetti, as all his predecessors in republican history have always done, to intervene in the first person. Only the authority of the Minister can in fact help resolve a difficult dispute”, they say once in the unitary note at the end of the meeting. And Whirlpool renewed the invitation not to proceed with the layoffs but to “evaluate only the timing of the new project”.


Mise tight focus mobility hub

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