hail and flooded roads. Malpensa, people trapped in cars

Bad weather, a storm with a very violent rain it hit around 19 a Milano. The heavy rain, Asian monsoon style, flooded the streets in a short time. The precipitation still ongoing, accompanied by impressive gusts of wind.

Malpensa, people trapped in cars: saved by the firefighters

Ten people were rescued by the Fire Brigade, after being trapped in their cars, in the outer perimeter of the international airport of Milan Malpensa (Varese), due to flooding caused by a violent storm. At work there are river rescue specialists, also employed in the Cargo area, where about twenty people have been evacuated with rafting boats. There are several problems at the extra Shengen customs of the airport which, after being closed, has been partially reopened in these minutes to allow passengers to disembark on a flight that has just landed. Three planes were instead diverted to other airports.

Schools closed due to bad weather, orange alert in several regions: here’s where

Rome weather, yellow alert throughout Lazio from tonight: thunderstorms and possible hailstorms expected

Traffic haywire in Milan

Tilt traffic in many areas of the city. Impossible for many motorists to drive the car due to too much rain: many stopped on the roadside. Firefighters are intervening at these times because flooded streets and underwater basements are reported.

Hail, rain and attached roads

Hailstorm in some areas of the hinterland: in Peschiera Borromeo grains of ice accompanied by gusts of rain.

Disruptions also in city airports: 8 flights diverted to other airports at Malpensa and three at Linate. Some flights were also landed in Genoa and Bologna, while others suffered landing delays due to poor visibility.

Escape also escape from the dehors of the clubs in Milan, full of people for an aperitif. Bad weather announced: the weekend should in fact bring other disturbances and new heavy rains.



hail flooded roads Malpensa people trapped cars

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