House, in the second quarter rebound in prices and sales

House, in the second quarter rebound in prices and sales
House, in the second quarter rebound in prices and sales

The desire for recovery can be seen in the rebound. In the second quarter of 2021, sales in the residential sector exceeded 200 thousand units traded, with an annual trend rate of 73.4%, while trades in the tertiary-commercial sector recorded a + 97.9% compared to the same period of 2020. only some of the main data contained in the statistical report of the Agency’s Real Estate Market Observatory (Omi), published online on the Inland Revenue website.

Residential: prices and sales are rising

But if in the second quarter of 2020 we were still under partial lockdown (therefore the rebound on 2021 appears much more evident), however, even in comparison with the second quarter of 2019, the units traded are growing (+ 26.1%). From April to June 2021 there are over 85 thousand more homes exchanged, with a total number of exchanges reaching 201,492. Also in this quarter, as in the first of 2021, the smaller municipalities show more marked growth (+ 81.6%, with about 62 thousand more homes bought and sold than in the second quarter of 2020). In the same period of 2021, the sales volumes recorded in the capitals grew by 58%. The increase concerns all the geographical areas with the highest rise in the municipalities outside the islands’ capital, where trade has doubled in volume, and the lowest in the capitals of the North East, with +47.7 per cent.


The growth in trade concerns all the geographical areas of the country, but it seems to reward above all the municipalities that are not capital cities and the medium-small ones. Even in comparison with 2019, the growth rates are double-digit everywhere, from + 14.6% in the capitals of the North West and North East, to + 34.2% in the non-capitals of the Center.

In general, in Italy, house prices in the first quarter of 2021 show a positive trend rate (+ 1.7% compared to the first quarter of 2020). The trend increase is attributable both to the prices of new houses, which are up by 3.9%, and to the prices of existing houses, which are up by 1.2%. In Genoa and Rome, in comparison with the same quarter before the health emergency, the greatest increases in sales were observed, respectively equal to + 32.7% and +19.4 per cent. Florence, Palermo and Turin recorded more moderate growth but still with double-digit rates. The increases compared to 2019 in Milan, Naples and Bologna remain, albeit growing, below 10%.

Non-residential: exchanges increase, surfaces decrease

In the second quarter of 2021, the tertiary-commercial sector also achieved strong growth compared to the relevant quarter of the previous year (with the doubling of sales volumes). And also in this sector the data remains largely positive in comparison with the same period of 2019 (+ 34.2%). Within this sector, the exchanges of offices and private studios grew by + 81.5% (+ 24.7% compared to 2019), while those of shops and laboratories by + 94.2% (+ 19.6% compared to 2019). Positive result also for the sales of commercial warehouses and garages (+ 102.3% compared to 2020, + 44.9% compared to 2019) and warehouses and industries (+ 85.4% compared to 2020, + 28% compared to 2019) and for the agricultural production sector (+ 88.1% compared to 2020, + 22.9% compared to 2019).

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