is the new model worse? Here are DF’s final temperature tests

is the new model worse? Here are DF’s final temperature tests
is the new model worse? Here are DF’s final temperature tests

Digital Foundry tests on the new PS5 model, which began a few weeks ago with general considerations on hardware changes and in-game performance, end with the contribution of Gamers Nexus technicians and comparative analyzes between consumption, operating temperatures and efficiency of the heatsink.

Starting from the now famous video in which youtuber Austin Evans defined the new PS5 model as poor, the Digital Foundry collective conducted in-depth tests in collaboration with the Gamers Nexus team to find out, once and for all, if the revisions hardware of the latest PS5 line produced by Sony make it “worse” than the Day One model launched at the end of 2020.

In strictly playful terms, DF tests have already confirmed in recent days how the ingame performance of PlayStation 5 CFI-1100 are completely similar to those offered by the nextgen console launch models. Furthermore, the important changes made to the dissipation system and the number of fan blades do not produce differences in noise or power consumption.

Taking into account the results obtained on performance, efficiency and noise, Digital Foundry and Gamers Nexus have carried out parallel tests to clarify the last doubts regarding the operating temperatures. The two teams involved in these tests used infrared probes and cameras, obtaining similar results.

In both cases, a slight improvement of the temperatures of the voltage regulators and memory chips, but a small elevation the operating temperature of the APU and the areas surrounding the central processor and the graphics component. The differences between the new model and the launch versions of PS5, according to the results of the analyzes of Digital Foundry and Gamers Nexus, would be of very few degrees, further proof of the ingame performance found in the first stress tests.

The two collectives of “tech-savvy experts”, therefore, advise those who are about to buy a PlayStation 5 not to no distinction between the models for sale: net of the malfunctions that can affect any technological device, in fact, just place the console in a well-ventilated area to avoid overheating.


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