School, classes in quarantine for Covid a few days before the start: 37 in Milan, 50 in Rome and 35 in South Tyrol

School, classes in quarantine for Covid a few days before the start: 37 in Milan, 50 in Rome and 35 in South Tyrol
School, classes in quarantine for Covid a few days before the start: 37 in Milan, 50 in Rome and 35 in South Tyrol

Not even a week has passed since the sound of the first bell and distance learning or digital integrated teaching, if you prefer, has reappeared in the school since North to South. The regions with the highest number of reports are Lombardy, Trentino Alto Adige and Lazio. For now, it is about a thousand students who have been forced to take lessons from home following the discovery of a case of positivity. The hope of the Minister of Education Patrizio Bianchi of sending online school to the attic, therefore, did not come true. Many children and young people did not even have time to get to know all their teachers because they had to deal with the pandemic again.

In South Tyrol, where school started on September 6, 35 classi ended up in quarantine while they are about seventy cases of positivity. A number to be considered together with the high rate of no vax teachers registered in the schools of German language. Next week, in addition to sample salivary tests arranged nationwide, sweep screening will also start with nasal swabs in all classes. Participation is voluntary, but in the case of a positive partner only the untested will end up in dad, while the other pupils will remain in the presence.

Home lessons also a Milan for 37 classes. At the “Carlo Porta” hotel institute, a class has been at home since Wednesday due to a case of Covid. For the same reason, some children from infant-toddler centers and preschools were at home, where lessons were resumed on September 3rd. Also in Emilia Romagna, in Vignola (Modena) in a sixth-grade class the teachers had to suspend lessons for A case confirmed by Covid which forced all the comrades of the section to return to dad.

A Roma quarantined classes are circa 50. Photography comes fromNational association of principals. The ASL has sent section C of the “Amendola” school in Ostia into fiduciary isolation. Two other cases are being investigated, one in a maternal one and another in a secondary one. Two more sick people in East Rome. A class from the inclusive institute “Falcone and Borsellino” and one from the high school “Mamiani” also went online. And to sound the alarm is Mario Rusconi, of the PNA Lazio: “We still have chicken coop classes with 27 and in some cases up to 31 pupils. Contagion appears inevitable. Think about what may happen in a few months with the arrival of winter ”. A case was also recorded in Ussana, in Sardinia. An entire primary class is already in quarantine on the second day of school due to a child who may be positive. The news was confirmed by the mayor of the town.

The situation worries principally principals and professors but also families. If positive in class, students who are vaccinated as companions of a sick person have to stay at home for seven days and then undergo the tampon: if negative, they can go back to school. Anyone who is not vaccinated (anyone under 12) must stay in quarantine ten days and take a swab, also in this case, before returning to school. Teachers, on the other hand, do not have to do any quarantine because they are not considered close contact. While the positive pupil returns to lecture in presence after the negative result of the molecular swab done on the tenth day of the appearance of the positivity or of the symptoms that must be absent for at least three days. If the test is still positive, it must be repeated after seven days. Isolation can only be interrupted afterwards three weeks. A procedure that forces school administrators to adopt a mixed teaching method by providing the dad for those who stay at home longer and the presence for returning companions. Meanwhile, a survey carried out by “ScuolaZoo” on 50 thousand students between the ages of 14 and 19 reveals that 11% did not have a 100% return in attendance; 9% have a timetable that includes one or more days of distance learning and in 51% of cases these are long-term measures (valid for the whole year).

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