Epap, budgets and investments at the center of the 4th training meeting

Epap, budgets and investments at the center of the 4th training meeting
Epap, budgets and investments at the center of the 4th training meeting

ROME (ITALPRESS) – The “Accounting and financial management of private social security institutions” was the focus of the fourth meeting of the “Training project for the dissemination of social security culture”, the course on active policies, organized by the EPAP, social security and multi-category assistance institution. The initiative is modular, with a specific focus on topical issues, and involves the administrators of the organization and ordinal managers. “Investments are very important because we aim to have high enough returns”, explained Francesco Russo, Epap vice president. “This is because we want to invest a lot in the professionals who are part of the Epap – he continued – In recent years there has been an evolution of the professions and professionals risk being the poor of the future. We are working hard to prevent this from happening and we want in this training day to launch messages that go into the professionalization and evolution of professionals in digitization. This is a very important moment, the indications also come from Europe and we are ready to face this new era of modernization of the professions ” .
“Epap is investing heavily in this project because we believe that Epap should no longer provide assistance and social security, but must put the professional at the center of its attention”, added Russo. For Walter Borghi, director of Epap, “the budget is the beating heart of the organization and is the tool where, beyond the strong technical and managerial connotations, there are strongly political implications because it is there that the administrators make the choices for the allocation of resources. The objectives we set ourselves are to reach as much as possible with training not only to the administrators, who in this context have been profoundly renewed, but also to all the ordinistic managers to make them understand what is the dynamics that govern the management process of Epap through the budget “. Leonardo Carletti, chartered accountant, administrative, accounting and tax consultant spoke about accounting and financial statements of social security institutions, taxation and tax regimes, functions and responsibilities of administrators.
“The objective of this intervention – explained Carletti – is to give awareness to members by comparing the financial statements of this institution with the panorama of social security institutions because each has particularities. The financial statements have operated with actions both to protect the representative and to ensure the continuity of the entities themselves through the preservation of the treasure contained in these entities “.
“The goal is to adapt the ways in which investments are made to changes in the world – concluded Claudio Fazio, head of administration and finance – Change is the most important challenge we will have in the future and to adapt our investments on the so-called issues of environmental and social protection. It will be essential to invest not only in terms of performance but also in terms of compatibility and overall sustainability which, compared to the recent past, now concerns not only the environmental impact, but also the social one, or the ways in which companies treat their employees and interact with the territory avoiding as much as possible to create imbalances that are unfortunately very important today “.


Epap budgets investments center #4th training meeting

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