Bari, 81-year-old retired woman stabbed in the house: the building cleaner stopped. He confessed: “I needed money”

Bari, 81-year-old retired woman stabbed in the house: the building cleaner stopped. He confessed: “I needed money”
Bari, 81-year-old retired woman stabbed in the house: the building cleaner stopped. He confessed: “I needed money”

He had opened the door to give him a glass of water, he has it hit with at least three blows causing their death. According to the reconstructions provided so far by the investigators, this is the dynamics with which the murder of Anna Lucia Lupelli, the 81 year old found stabbed dead on 13 September in his home in via Gabriele a Bari. Suspected of the crime is the building cleaner, the 51-year-old Saverio Mesecorto, which on Thursday 16 September was subject to a detention order by the police. According to the agency Press, he would confess the crime before the public prosecutor of the city prosecutor, explaining that he had acted to get hold of the money, a thousand euros, which the woman kept at home. Now it is in jail a Trani on charges of voluntary homicide aggravated by premeditation.

The crime it would have taken place on 13 September at about 13, when the elderly victim, that she lived alone, was intent on preparing lunch. Investigators came to this conclusion after rescuers and police officers, who intervened the following day, said they found the table set and the stove still lit under a pot containing charred food. To explain the dynamic the suspect himself, first with spontaneous statements made to the investigators and then, during the interrogation, also to the prosecutor in the presence of the defender. Equipped with a knife, Mesecorto would have reached the building in via Gabrieli e intercom to the woman asking her for a glass of water. He was sure she would open him why the two knew each other well: the man in fact he worked for more than ten years in the cleaning company who took care of the stairwell of that condominium. A correct assumption: the pensioner, unaware of the attacker’s intentions, would have made him sit in the kitchen and then be hit by no less than three stabs in the abdominal area. The blows resulted in the woman’s fall and death, as the killer walked away after having stolen an ATM and a purse containing about one thousand euros. The two objects were later found in the garbage cans near the condominium while the weapon has not yet been found used to commit crime.

All’identification of Mesecorto the investigators of the Bari mobile squad arrived also thanks to the images of the video surveillance cameras of a shop not far from the house where the victim lived: the videos have immortalized the man in front of the door of the murder palace between 12.55 and 13.13 of 13 September, now compatible with the crime. This is explained by the arrest decree signed by the prosecutor, where, among other things, the urgent precautionary measure is justified by highlighting “theabsolute inability to self-control and theunusual violence demonstrated in the affair “. The provision also contains excerpts from the statements of the two daughters of Mesecorto. One of the two said she had learned from her sister that her father “had killed a person and brought home 1,500 euros” in “a typical old person’s purse”. Some details would have been told to the woman by the 51-year-old himself, such as the fact that “he got himself a knife buying it from a shop run by Chinese and, using gloves, he had rung the bell of a lady who lives in Carrassi to ask her for a glass of water ”.


Bari #81yearold retired woman stabbed house building cleaner stopped confessed needed money

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