“We are rewriting the method of calculating bills”

“We are rewriting the method of calculating bills”
“We are rewriting the method of calculating bills”

AGI – “We need to think about how the” energy “bill is built and here the calculation method must be rewritten a bit. We are doing it in these hours. We are working”: said the Minister of Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani on Radio Me too. “A structural intervention needs to be set up because, as it seems they are saturating these cost increases, they are increases that will remain in the bill so we will have to work on the structural part “, he explained.

“In the meantime, it is not a question of words – said Cingolani – but of the market. It is clear to everyone that gas is constantly increasing as it is the raw material for producing electricity and we will have an important effect on the bill. About 80% of the increases come from gas. First of all, the quarter must be mitigated because at the end of the month the quarter closes and we will have precise numbers but we know that the increase is important and this happens all over the world and throughout Europe because it is a global market “. the minister again said “there is a structural intervention to be set up”.

An intervention worth 3 billion ?: “This in the immediate future – he replied – but we need to think in a structural way on how to build the bill, the calculation method must be rewritten”.


rewriting method calculating bills

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