“Because I don’t want to get the vaccine” – Il Tempo

“Because I don’t want to get the vaccine” – Il Tempo
“Because I don’t want to get the vaccine” – Il Tempo

Giada Oricchio

September 16, 2021

Tears of understanding to “Afternoon 5”, The afternoon program of Canale 5 conducted by Barbara D’Urso. In the episode of Wednesday 15 September, a woman who works as a school attendant was suspended from work in the canteen because she refuses the Covid-19 vaccine. The lady explains to the presenter: “I am not a no vax and I am not against vaccines but my child had big problems after the polio vaccine. For this reason he was bullied at school and at 17 he took his own life. I have a psychological block, I would like to swab but I can’t afford it because I earn 500 euros a month. I wish the tampons were free ”.

The experts in the study try to persuade the woman to get the vaccine by pointing out that she is 96% safe: “If she does, she can go back to her beloved job” they say in chorus. The guest has an emotional crisis thinking back to the past and bursts into tears : “I lost a child, it’s an inhuman pain” and D’Urso doesn’t hold back a feeling of sincere emotion: “Love, don’t do that… I understand you as a mother”.

The Green pass is essential for school and university employees and from October it will be extended to all public and private activities. The government’s goal is to push on the vaccination campaign so as to achieve community immunity before the virus regains vigor in the infection with the milder temperatures of autumn-winter.

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