the background, because his race to the Quirinale can end here – Libero Quotidiano

the background, because his race to the Quirinale can end here – Libero Quotidiano
the background, because his race to the Quirinale can end here – Libero Quotidiano

Per Silvio Berlusconi ends the race at the Quirinale? The Forza Italia leader refused a “unlimited psychiatric expertise“, a request made by the Milan judges of the Ruby-ter case.” It is detrimental to my history and my integrity – was the very harsh comment of the Knight delivered to the president of the college in a letter -, as well as an evident prejudice towards me “. Berlusconi has therefore decided that”proceed in my absence to the celebration of a trial “which he reiterates is” unfair. “A decision that could undermine the Italian leader’s ambition to reach the Quirinale.

According to Dagospia in fact the sentence – with his absence from the trial – is almost taken for granted. And so also the impossibility of being elected president of the Republic afterwards would be taken for granted Sergio Mattarella. So much so that Berlusconi also added that “the hypothesis of undergoing a broad and unlimited psychiatric assessment by the Court demonstrates, for what I have done in my life in many sectors including entrepreneurship, sport and politics, an evident prejudice towards me and makes me understand well what the final outcome will also be of this unfair trial. “In short, he too” smells “a sentence.

In the trial, it should be remembered, the Cav is accused of corruption in judicial acts. The former prime minister must defend himself from the accusation of having paid Mariani to induce him to declare the false about the so-called “elegant dinners” in Arcore, the evenings attended by the equally so-called “Olgettine”, the young girls now accused in the Milanese proceedings. The forensic examination had been ordered as a result of another instance of legitimate impediment for health reasons by the former premier. And they gave the experts time, until next November 5, to establish whether the health conditions, including mental ones, of the Forza Italia number one allow him or not to participate in the trial.

And the judges wasted no time. After the letter and Berlusconi’s substantial renunciation of resorting to the legitimate impediment – “proceed even in my absence” – we learn that the Ruby ter trial may continue without the need to carry out the medical-legal report against which the leader of Forza Italia has lashed out with the harsh letter.

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