Green pass extension: in Cdm unanimous green light for the new decree

“We want to make workplaces safer, and make the vaccination campaign even stronger. An even more meaningful use of the green pass will help us even more,” said the Minister of Health. Roberto Speranza.

Obligation for elected and top institutions – The obligation of a Green pass for access to the workplace also applies to “subjects holding elective positions or top institutional positions”. The Green Pass Decree thus extends the obligation – and related sanctions – to regional mayors and presidents, as well as to councilors. On the constitutional bodies, such as the Chambers, however, the government cannot intervene since they have self-determination, decision-making autonomy, therefore a law provides: “The constitutional bodies, each within the scope of their own autonomy, adapt their own system”.

Without Green pass stop salary immediately for individuals, after 5 days in the public – The suspension from work is immediately triggered for private workers, while for public employees it is valid after five days. The dl on the Green pass provides for it. If private workers “communicate that they are not in possession of the green certification or if they are deprived at the time of accessing the workplace, they are suspended from work, in order to protect the health and safety of workers, and, in in any case, without disciplinary consequences and with the right to keep the employment relationship. For the period of suspension, no salary or other remuneration or emolument is due “.

You will not be fired but only suspended from work – “There can be no penalty for dismissal for those who do not get vaccinated or do not undergo a tampon”, the Minister of Labor Andrea Orlando has guaranteed. “The sanctions involve suspension but have no connection with the current procedures relating to disciplinary sanctions. They must not engage in paths that lead to dismissal”. “They do not imply the possibility of dismissal or their surreptitious use for the reorganization of companies” concluded the minister.

Free antigen tests only for the exempt – The antigen tests will be free only for the exemptions provided for by the circular of the Ministry of Health. For all the others there will be controlled prices: for minors the cost will be 8 euros and 15 euros for adults. The molecular swabs will instead be valid for 72 hours (the others will be valid for 48 hours).

Hope: “It is a further push to restart” – “We are convinced that this decree can help give a further boost to this restart phase and better manage the months to come”. This was stated by the Minister of Health, Roberto Speranza, announcing the extension of the Green pass in all workplaces. “We do it for two reasons – he added -: to make these places safer and to make the vaccination campaign stronger”. This decree is a very important step, a strategy that focuses on the vaccine to open a new phase “.

Brunetta: “We are at the forefront of the world, thanks to Draghi” – “We are growing by 6% of GDP. This operation can only strengthen growth and make it not a flare-up but a structural one. For this I agree with Professor Fauci: with this decision, Italy is at the forefront of the world and we are grateful to Draghi who held the bar straight. ” This is the comment of the PA minister, Renato Brunetta, at a press conference after the CDM.

Gelmini: “From local authorities sharing on decree setting” – “There was a preliminary discussion in the unified conference, I have to thank the presidents of the Regions, Anci and Upi because we were able to accept some of their proposals but we found a substantial sharing on the setting of the decree but above all there is the awareness that the green pass it is an instrument to protect the spaces of freedom conquered with great effort and economic activities. We hope that there can also be an increase in open activities and a reduction in the rigidity tools used to fight the virus “. This was stated by the Minister of Regional Affairs Maria Stella Gelmini.


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