back up in all facilities is underway

back up in all facilities is underway
back up in all facilities is underway

Technicians are still working on the hospital’s computer network system San Giovanni Addolarata. The violation of cyber criminals on Sunday night sent down both telephone and electronic connections, obscuring medical records, radiological and laboratory tests. In the meantime, the Lazio Region has however ordered the backup of the data in all the hospitals in the capital. A necessary measure to secure the sensitive information of patients and health facilities themselves.

The information letter was sent yesterday. A note – similar to the one sent after the attack on the regional system last July 30 – in which the hospital managers were announced the new directives for computer security: “It is announced – reads the internal document – that in agreement with the Lazio Region, following the hacker attacks that occurred on the IT systems, it deemed it necessary to deactivate the users active in various capacities, directly or indirectly connected to the corporate and regional IT network “. Finally, the rules for using safely are remembered. Finally, for remote connections, it is specified that: “they will be reactivated only for particular cases and upon specific request”.

Meanwhile, the investigations into the violation of the San Giovanni network are still ongoing. The platform was attacked with the same system used to compromise the regional network: cybercriminals with a telematic virus limited access to the hospital’s information system which became unreadable. A specific cryptographic key is required to unlock it. And it is at this point that blackmail begins. On the night of July 30, the web pirates had in fact attacked the Lazio Region platform by blocking the booking system for vaccines, orders, IT and health data. The maxi investigation was immediately extended to investigators from the US FBI and those from Europol, the European center for cybercrime. There is still no suspect in the investigation file opened by the prosecutor and coordinated by the Anti-terrorism pool and by the Cybercrime pool.


facilities underway

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