Sisters forever, ASL compensation for cradle exchange

Sisters forever, ASL compensation for cradle exchange
Sisters forever, ASL compensation for cradle exchange

The story of Caterina and Melissa, swapped in a cradle at birth, becomes a film broadcast on Rai starting Thursday 16 September.

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Become parents it is undoubtedly the most beautiful experience in life. A simple smile of your own is enough sons, in fact, to be able to brighten up our days. However, things do not always go as hoped and sometimes you can come across surreal situations, capable of changing your life forever.

A clear example is the story of Caterina and Melissa, swapped in cribs at birth, which will be told starting from Thursday 16 September on Rai 1 with the film Sisters forever. Swapped in a cradle on New Year’s Eve 1998, at the Mazara del Vallo hospital, what happened to the people in charge of the swap?

Sisters forever, cradle exchange and ASL compensation: what happened

Thursday 16 September will be broadcast on Rai 1 “Sisters forever“, Taken from a true story, that of Caterina and Melissa. Born in Mazara del Vallo on New Year’s Eve 1998, 15 minutes away from each other, they were swapped in the cradle. For about three years they are grown up with each other’s biological family, until a kindergarten teacher instilled a doubt in the parents, which they then decided to investigate.

The first to realize the similarity between Caterina and the mother of her partner Melissa was in fact the kindergarten teacher that both children attended. It is no coincidence that when she left school she was about to entrust the baby to the mother who gave her life. The doubts were then followed by comparisons and the DNA test, thus managing to discover the truth: Caterina and Melissa had been exchanged at birth, with the family of one who had raised the other for three years.

The story of Caterina and Melissa

The girls then moved home, to return with the parents who had given them life. But they never moved away, on the contrary, precisely by the will of their parents, they lived as sisters. They celebrated all their birthdays together and were classmates at school until maturity, and then both attended the Faculty of Educational Sciences in Chieti.

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About this story, Caterina’s mother told Il Corriere della Sera: “There are families who do not accept children, parents who adopt and then do not find each other. It is right that we know what we have managed to do by crossing our lives“. As for those responsible for the cradle exchange, however, Melissa explained: “Yup, the health company gave compensation, but they continued to work in that nursery without ever paying“.

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