Old woman killed at home in Bari Police arrested the killer

Old woman killed at home in Bari Police arrested the killer
Old woman killed at home in Bari Police arrested the killer

twelve o’clock, September 16, 2021 – 11:06 am

In prison, Saverio Mesecorto, 51 years old. The man, who cleaned the building, confessed to having murdered Anna Lucia Lupelli, 81, during a robbery

from Carlo Testa

A 51 year old man, Saverio Mesecorto, was detained by the police on charges of murdering the 81-year-old Anna Lucia Lupelli, found lifeless on the afternoon of last September 14 in her apartment in the Carrassi district of Bari. The murder was carried out at 1 pm the previous day while the woman was intent on preparing lunch: when the rescuers and investigators intervened, the the table was in fact set and on the hob, with the flame still burning, there was a pot with some food now charred.

A robbery

The 51-year-old confessed, it would have been a robbery. The killer knew the victim because he had been working in the house cleaning firm for more than ten years. According to the police reconstruction, Mesecorto rang the door of the house and asked the woman for a glass of water: she let him in and was hit with three stab wounds in the abdomen. The killer took possession of about a thousand euros and the ATM, then fled. The 51-year-old threw the murder weapon, a pair of gloves and a purse from the apartment into a garbage can. During the inspection, the agents immediately ascertained the lack of the victim’s wallet and document. In addition, the apartment was in order and without signs of forced entry – we read in the documents – circumstances from which it is assumed that the victim knew his attacker having opened the door.

The story of the murderer to his daughter

The killer told one of his daughters that he had killed a person and brought home 1,500 euros. one of the details contained in the arrest decree notified today against Mesecorto, accused of premeditated murder. The arrest decree contains excerpts from the declarations of the two daughters. One of the two told investigators that she learned from her sister that her father had killed a person and brought home 1,500 euros in a typical elderly person’s purse., containing in addition to cash also personal documents and a credit card. Some details would have been told to the daughter by the 51-year-old himself, like the fact that he got a knife by buying it from a shop run by Chinese and that, using gloves, he rang the bell of a lady who lives in Carrassi and asked her for a glass of water. The lady had made him sit down and he had killed her.

The turning point from the cameras

Upon the identification of the alleged murderer, the investigators of the Bari mobile team, coordinated by the prosecutor Claudio Pinto, arrived also thanks to images from the video surveillance cameras of a shop not far from the house where the victim lived. The videos immortalized Mesecorto in front of the door of the building where the murder was committed between 12.55 and 13.13 on 13 September, now compatible with the crime. what was reconstructed in the arrest decree notified to the man at dawn, who is now in prison in Trani on charges of premeditated murder. In the detention order, the prosecutor justifies the urgent precautionary measure, highlighting the absolute inability to self-control and the unusual violence demonstrated in the affair which constitutes a concrete reason to believe that the aforementioned may flee.

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woman killed home Bari Police arrested killer

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