Nissan Gt-R: two new special editions only for Japan

Nissan Gt-R: two new special editions only for Japan
Nissan Gt-R: two new special editions only for Japan

They are called T-Spec, and are distinguished between Premium Edition and Track Edition By Nismo. As the names suggest, one version more intended for Gran Turismo use, another for track use

The Nissan GT-R dynasty continues. The Japanese manufacturer recently presented two new, limited edition versions for the all-wheel drive super sports car. They are called T-Spec and are distinguished in the Premium Edition and Track Edition Engineered by Nismo versions: the first is intended for more common and touring use, the second is intended for a more sporty audience, who loves to enjoy the track. This latest evolution of the GT-R model, however, will be destined exclusively for the Japanese market, where it will be on the market starting from mid-October and for only 100 customers.

Latest of the species

The project that for more than 12 years has allowed GT-R to remain a point of reference among sports cars, has not been modified for these new versions. Under the hood pulsates the latest update of the sumptuous 3.8-liter V6 engine with 565 hp and 467 Nm of peak torque. The traction is integral and the gearbox is an automatic double clutch and six reports. The limited T-Spec range can be customized with two new colors developed for the occasion: Millennium Jade and Midnight Purple. Both models were equipped with exclusive carbon ceramic brakes, a carbon fiber rear spoiler and an engine cover with nameplate identifying the progressive of the limited series. The Premium Edition adds new details to the interior, bronze-colored Rays forged alloy wheels and a trim recalibrated to be soft and make driving on the road even more effective. The T-Spec Nismo edition has instead been updated with numerous elements taken care of by the Nissan sports department, which have partly modified its appearance but above all made driving on the track more engaging and exciting. Prices start at $ 122,000 for the Premium Edition and reach $ 137,000 for the Track Edition. Their arrival is expected exclusively in Japan: it is unlikely to think of an import in Europe, where anti-pollution regulations are becoming increasingly stringent. These versions, in all likelihood, will be the last evolution of the Gt-r project, before it is definitively taken out of production.

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