Covid, Fauci praises Italy: “Better than the US, the country has become an example in the world”

Covid, Fauci praises Italy: “Better than the US, the country has become an example in the world”
Covid, Fauci praises Italy: “Better than the US, the country has become an example in the world”

“Italy is doing well, better than the US, it has now become an example for the world”: Anthony Fauci returns to Villa Firenze, the residence of the Italian ambassador in Washington, and promotes our country for the management of the pandemic , particularly for the percentage of fully vaccinated people over the age of 12, almost 75%, compared to 54% in the United States (63% with at least one dose).

China exceeds one billion vaccinations

More than one billion people in China have completed their Covid vaccination cycle. This is what emerges from the official figures revealed today. A total of 2.16 billion doses were administered in total, between first and second.

Brazil, vaccination of adolescents not recommended: “Unclear benefits”. But for the media there is a lack of doses

The Brazilian government today recommended state and municipal authorities to suspend the vaccination of adolescents against the coronavirus. “The benefits of vaccination on adolescents without chronic health problems are not yet very defined”: this is how a note from the Ministry of Health casts a shadow on the immunization of under 18. “The World Health Organization does not recommend the immunization of children and adolescents, ”adds the official note. In early September, the ministry said it was in favor of vaccinating adolescents from 15 years of age after the entire adult population had received at least one dose. But according to the national media, the truth would be different: “In Brazil there is a lack of doses, especially for recalls,” reported the news portal G1. “Municipal health authorities also expressed their surprise at the national government’s statements,” CBN radio added. The governments of the 27 states and over 5,500 Brazilian municipalities have autonomy to decide whether to comply with the guidelines issued by the federal authorities.

United Kingdom: the third dose for 30 million Brits is underway

In the meantime, the campaign for the administration of the third dose of the vaccine has begun in the United Kingdom. Among the first people to receive the second recall, the BBC reports, is Catherine Cargill, a midwife who works at Croydon University Hospital in south London. “I did it before the winter season to make sure I was protected,” her words. The vaccination will allow her to continue working, studying and spending time with her family. The midwife then appealed to her compatriots to get vaccinated when their turn came. The third dose in the UK will be offered to around 30 million people, including NHS staff, the over 50s and vulnerable people. The third dose will be administered at least six months after the second and mainly, according to what leaks from Downing Street, with the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine.

The situation in the world

Over 226 million infections with more than four million and six hundred thousand deaths. These are the latest global data on the Coronavirus pandemic published on September 16 by Johns Hopkins University. The United States is the country in the world that has paid the most duty to Covid, and leads the ranking both for the number of infections (41,613,521) and deaths (666,806). Followed by Brazil (588,597 dead), India (443,928) and Russia (192,340). Italy records a total of 4,618,040 infections and 130,167 victims: in the last 24 hours there were 67.

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