Meritocracy Italy: “The State helps the company”

Meritocracy Italy: “The State helps the company”
Meritocracy Italy: “The State helps the company”

“Ensuring better financial inclusion is an essential step to carry out the transition project towards real and sustainable well-being. And instead, at present, there is no fairness in the distribution of credit access opportunities, especially for individuals and businesses. It does not seem decisive. the activation of a free service for all citizens who have difficulty in accessing the moratorium on a mortgage or a loan, recently announced by the Ministerial Commission of Inquiry and which would make it possible to make a report analyzed and controlled by the Guardia di Finanza to evaluate the existence of the necessary requirements “. Thus in a note Meritocrazia Italia.

“The declared purpose – the note clarifies – is to make the loan request or the moratorium on mortgages more accessible, extended by the Bis support decree only on the capital installment. But, on balance, it would be nothing more than a request for an assessment against him. In line with what has already been expressed on this point in previous press releases, in the congressional motion approved and in the resulting reform called “Tax Code”, Meritocrazia Italia deems essential: Introduction of qualitative merit in access to credit, with loans and financing fully covered by the State guarantee for all those (companies and individuals) who intend to convert their activities affected by the crisis or who intend to start new business ventures in sectors with a main growth prospect, with simultaneous provision of a monitoring system, verification and control by the lender; suspension of reports to the bank dat i of the Crif which prevent companies from being able to resort again to any type of financing without distinction of the type of business crisis “.

And again, “favoring new sources of market financing (given that a large part of Italian savings is represented by money and deposits held with banks), stimulating the growth of those sectors of the non-bank financial markets (such as closed-end funds, securitisations, etc.) to generate new liquidity; guarantee the possibility of immediate transfer of the tax credit in favor of the banking system with immediate issuance of corresponding liquidity for companies engaged in investments in digitization, innovation, tourism, and above all for interventions of environmental impact, overcoming the current possibility of mere tax compensation “. Furthermore, Meritocrazia Italia deems it necessary “to reduce the tax burden on the tax return by two percent for companies that maintained their pre-existing employment status during the crisis and by three percent for those that hired additional new workers. . It is essential, he clarifies, to direct and encourage access to sustainable finance also in our country, creating a true ethical finance, which supports the real economy for the benefit of collective well-being, placing access to credit among its values. and the financial inclusion of the weakest “.


Meritocracy Italy State helps company

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