trains delayed up to 30 minutes –

trains delayed up to 30 minutes –
trains delayed up to 30 minutes –

Failure al IT system for the management of the railway link, Thursday morning. From 9 am the circulation of suburban lines was blocked, as told by some commuters stopped at the Milano Lancetti station. THE Italian railway network technicians, once the problem was identified, they immediately set to work to solve it e in about twenty minutes they completed the surgery. The repercussions on the service are inevitable, with delays up to 30 minutes and route changes on the lines that connect Milan with Lodi, Varese, Saronno, Gallarate and inconvenience for travelers.

The failure of the RFI systems has occurred at the Mirabello crossroads, in the tunnel between the Milano Greco and Milano Garibaldi stations, and in the Passante Ferroviario. Also on Thursday morning, due to bad weather, there were also failures at the level crossings of Seregno and Ponte in Valtellina. All this led to the cancellation of numerous trips and further delays which, for the whole morning, spread to the main lines in northern Lombardy: on the S8 Milan-Lecco only 28% of the trips arrived on time, 11% on Milan. -Como, 25% on the Milan-Bergamo via Carnate, 44% on the Milan-Tirano. At 10 am, of the 516 trains running, 66 were over 15 minutes late and 21 30 minutes late.

Comment the regional councilor for infrastructure, transport and sustainable mobility Claudia Maria Terzi: Today’s inconveniences have been particularly unpleasant for travelers, and bad weather cannot be an excuse with respect to the malfunction of RFI systems. The state-owned company manages most of the railway network in Lombardy: it needs to show evidence of greater efficiency by limiting as much as possible disruptions of this type that have a heavy impact on the quality of commuter travel.

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