night walk of Gualtieri with the “anti drug dealer”. Raggi arrives after half an hour and posted on social media

night walk of Gualtieri with the “anti drug dealer”. Raggi arrives after half an hour and posted on social media
night walk of Gualtieri with the “anti drug dealer”. Raggi arrives after half an hour and posted on social media

San Basilio is the terrain of electoral challenge. After the quarrels of the first days of the election campaign, a new dispute has arisen between Virginia Raggi and Roberto Gualtieri, with strolls and social posts. It all stems from a tour that Gualtieri decided to do last night in the district of the V municipality, an area in which the mayor has invested most of his efforts, especially communication, to argue for the definition of “mayor of the suburbs”.

An event, that of Gualtieri, organized without calling journalists, especially for security reasons. The idea of ​​the center-left candidate, according to what is learned from his staff, was to take a walk together with the anti-drug priest Don Coluccia with the aim of learning about the dynamics of one of the largest shopping squares in Europe. Both the priest and Gualtieri have an escort, which has transformed the walk of the two into a “big group” of about twenty people with a lot of police in tow.

A crowd of people appeared in the streets of the neighborhood at 10.30pm and attracted several citizens. Someone started walking with the two. With someone else, always present, this morning RomaToday was able to exchange a few chats to reconstruct the evening. “They had a brisk pace”, he tells us. “In half an hour they made almost all the streets of the shop and at one point they took the car to move to the area of ​​the mural of Italia 90, not far from the headquarters of the PD”.

Here the mayor Virginia Raggi made her appearance, who arrived, no one knows why. Surely shortly before, as we learn, he was at Porta San Sebastiano to inaugurate the new lighting, a fact also confirmed by the press agencies. It was certainly not on his stamp diary and just as surely he had a videographer behind him.

“She said she was called by Don Coluccia”, tells us a citizen present who then adds. “She took a walk with Gualtieri and the priest and neither of them made a turn”. There was no lack of color episodes. “At a certain point, a boy who Don Coluccia called by name came up to him and began to say to Raggi:” See who’s there, I’ve always seen her on television. “And Raggi:” But how? I am here often. “” Strange I have never seen her, it will be … “.

Mayor who, as happened in the tour with Conte, was also stopped by several citizens for the problems of the neighborhood. And she, usually available, noted the problems, photographed the inconveniences and promised future solutions. As in the case of an open sewer.

All this, as confirmed by several present, closed shortly after midnight and a half, “maximum one and forty”. At one and 24 the mayor decided to “mark the territory” and to be the first to post her truth on twitter with a video of a few seconds: “Last night, before returning home, I went to San Basilio. Gualtieri, never seen in the area before. I took him to get to know the neighborhood and see what we have achieved in recent years: gymnasium of legality, fountain of the whale, former bowler, lights and park in via Tranfo “.

Gualtieri, on the other hand, told about the inspection with Don Coluccia on facebook: “I have just finished a tour with Don Antonio Coluccia through the streets of San Basilio. I have also been here in recent days, but at night the situation in this neighborhood becomes much more difficult and Don Antonio Coluccia has been involved for years in the fight against organized crime. For some time he has dedicated himself to contrasting the shopping squares of San Basilio and in particular the most important one called ‘Piazza della Lupa’ – explained Gualtieri – How ? Almost every night he goes with his escort on foot to these places and with the megaphone he celebrates an unprecedented formula of the Gospel, his best weapon as he defines it. Upon his arrival and with his presence the lookouts and drug dealers are forced to disappear causing huge losses of money to the criminals “. “Don Antonio is an extraordinary person who knows this territory like the back of his hand – concluded Gualtieri – A territory abandoned to itself for years and in need of rebirth”.

Then on Radio Roma Capitale he also talked about the arrival of Raggi: “It seems to me that she knew I was there and came there and then wrote that she took me there. Honestly this is the last thing that interests me in front of me. to the problems of San Basilio and to the commitment of Don Coluccia who lives under guard “.

The two were joined by Calenda who, with his usual irony, commented: “I didn’t know there was this ‘happening’ in San Basilio. I am very opposed to doing that kind of thing. San Basilio was the first place I went, I I talked to the associations, I went to a women’s refuge. The situation is very complex, the walks are incomprehensible, you have to go there without even a photographer “.

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