Femicide in the Vicenza area, 21-year-old Alessandra Zorzin shot dead. Suicide the alleged killer

VICENZA. Another terrible femicide occurred in the last few hours in the Alto Vicentino a Montecchio Maggiore where she was killed Alessandra Zorzin, 21 anni, was killed with a gunshot in the face. It is the second tragedy a few days later in the Vicenza area.

Alessandra was mother of a 2-year-old girl who was in kindergarten at the time of the murder. From a first reconstruction it would seem that the young woman has opened the door to her killer. Between the two there would have been a fight and then the shooting.

The alarm was given by a neighbor who heard gunshots explode in the house of the young woman around noon. After the shooting, some people saw a black car drive away with a man on board. This is the 37-year-old from Padua Marco Turrin by profession as a security guard.

The attention of the carabinieri focused on him and the searches were immediately started. During the day yesterday his passage in various areas of the province had been identified several times, but without the numerous patrols deployed able to intercept him.

Only in the late evening of yesterday did the epilogue come. The man took his own life by shooting himself inside the car. The police investigations have not been completed on the matter.


Femicide Vicenza area #21yearold Alessandra Zorzin shot dead Suicide alleged killer

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