how many honorable people are ready to leave him. Vianello “blows the cap” – Libero Quotidiano

how many honorable people are ready to leave him. Vianello “blows the cap” – Libero Quotidiano
how many honorable people are ready to leave him. Vianello “blows the cap” – Libero Quotidiano

2021, escape from 5 Star Movement. And the fault lies with the new leader, Giuseppe Conte, decidedly disliked by large slices of the grillini. The background is from Newspaper, according to which as many as thirty parliamentarians elected with the Movement would be ready to drop everything and pass arms and baggage to the Mixed group to protest against the appointment of the former premier. “The question is only one:” How many parliamentarians will go away? “, Assures the newspaper of via Negri, according to which from sources within the 5 Stars” the autumn exodus is almost a certainty “.

The climax is that Conte “according to the usual gossips would not even be too sorry for the farewells announced”, preferring a resized party but more compact, closer to the idea of ​​that “personal party“with the objective set around the 12 or 13 percent who had so tempted him at the time of choosing whether to take the field after the experience at Palazzo Chigi. At the moment, we read, the toto-escape speaks of a platoon of between 20 and 30 parliamentarians, “even if the most optimistic speak of a dozen defections”. Some of the dissidents could also end up inside Brothers of Italy or in Pd, testifying to the lack of coherence within the Movement.

However, the so-called “peons” would not be ready to leave, but also some of the most ambitious ladies who fear having their wings clipped by the lawyer. “Many are hoping for a seat in the national secretariat and those excluded from the people’s lawyer could decide to change the air”. Obviously, the fear of a vote in the first months of 2022, immediately after the election of the President of the Republic, also weighs heavily. Probable hypothesis if, in the end, the premier in office would rise to the Quirinale Mario Draghi. “Considering that the retirement goal is cut to 4 years, six months and a day from the election, these parliamentarians would greet the Five Stars in case Conte goes to the opposition”, he explains the newspaper. And it always comes back to the question of money, a settling of accounts within the 5 Stars that has been going on for years, in the embarrassed silence of the top management. “There are those who think they keep their money refunds, given that re-nomination for the next round is a difficult undertaking, especially with an exception to the two terms of office only for a few “, the newspaper directed by Augusto Minzolini always emphasizes.

Meanwhile, the first to abandon the Contiana ship was the deputy Giovanni Vianello, with an announcement directly to Montecitorio. And outside the classroom, the activists on Friday in Naples will present the appeal against the election of the former premier as president. According to the agency Adnkonos, among the disputes “the lack of registration of the new leader in the Movement”.

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