Third dose Bologna: vaccine in hospital and direct call – Chronicle

Third dose Bologna: vaccine in hospital and direct call – Chronicle
Third dose Bologna: vaccine in hospital and direct call – Chronicle

Bologna, 16 September 2021 – The third dose of the anti Covid vaccine and the Ausl is working to fine-tune the organization of the call of the most fragile people, according to national and regional guidelines.

Who will be the first to receive the third injection?
“The calls will start from transplanted patients, with HIV and dialysis”, underlines Paolo Bordon, general manager of the Ausl of Bologna.

How many?
“In the metropolitan area the whole family of the frail, including oncologists, are 14 thousand”.

When will the calls for the additional dose begin?
“Already from tomorrow (today, ed) and the first vaccinations will be given from Monday “.

What is the chosen venue?
“These groups of people will not go to the hubs, but will be called by the hospitals that treat them. So the Sant’Orsola will call their patients, the same will do the Maggiore and Rizzoli and so on”.

Which vaccine will be given?
“Moderna will be used for these first categories. A decision shared with the infectious disease specialists of Sant’Orsola: according to the specialists for this type of patient it is the most suitable vaccine”.

The booster dose, ie reinforcement, is intended for over 80, residents of the Rsa and health workers. When will their turn come?
“There is no calendar yet. As soon as the regional indications arrive, we are ready”.

Vaccination coverage decreases over time. Do you register health professionals infected with Covid in this period?
“No, we have no sick staff and there are no outbreaks, fortunately”.

Will family doctors be involved in this phase?
“No, for the moment, because vaccinations for the most vulnerable are done by specialists. We do not yet know if they will play a role in booster doses. We will share a line with the Region later on”.

Will they enter the field with the flu vaccinations?
“Yes, as always, family doctors will be the protagonists. They are prophylaxis dedicated in particular to people of a certain age followed by them”.

How do you see this phase?
“It is a completion on the basis of scientific developments, a chapter of the work in progress in which science has made available new information, which suggests an additional dose for some patients with weak immune systems.

Are you satisfied with the progress of the vaccination campaign?
“Yes, it’s going well, great team work has also been done with health workers, volunteers, family doctors and municipalities. We have exceeded 81% coverage with one dose and even 8 people have been vaccinated on 10 between the ages of 40 and 59, who were the most present in our hospitals. Now we aim to reach the target of 85% of the vaccinable population aged 12 and above in mid-October with the first dose. protection. Now, even with national measures on extending the Green pass, even more people could get closer to the vaccine “.

How many are currently hospitalized?
“In the last weekend they rose back to around a hundred, with many patients between 50 and 60 who had not protected themselves. Seventeen are in intensive care. The numbers are still manageable and the patients are at the Maggiore, at Sant ‘ Orsola and 31 in Santa Viola. However, in almost all cases, these are people who have not been vaccinated “.

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