Mara Venier leaves Domenica In: “Too tiring”

Mara Venier leaves Domenica In: “Too tiring”
Mara Venier leaves Domenica In: “Too tiring”

Mara Venier has displaced everyone, revealing that this year will really be the last season in which she will drive Domenica In on Rai 1. The presenter had already announced this decision, but has now made it official. The reason? Health problems that, after the immediate intervention, are still not resolved.

Mara Venier in the past few hours she has returned to talk about her long adventure a Sunday In, transmission that will lead this year for the thirteenth time. A journey made up of many satisfactions, first of all the affection of the public who now knows her as “Aunt Mara”, but also of some pain, such as the time taken away from love and private life.

Although he had already anticipated that this year it would be thelast time a Sunday In, everyone hoped that the presenter could reconsider. From the pages of the weekly Oggi, however, Mara Venier showed herself determined and convinced: “I leave, after this Domenica In you will no longer see me on TV ”.

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Mara Venier: leave the TV

What is the reason that pushed it Mara Venier to make this drastic decision? There conductor revealed that the root cause is i Health problems which has not yet been able to resolve. A few months ago, in fact, a wrong operation on her teeth created a facial paresis that led her to lose sensitivity to her face. A situation that, as confessed, still creates a lot of discomfort:

“After this one I quit, And too tiring. Also this year I will do my best, but I feel the need to think about me, to dedicate time to myself, to take better care of myself. I arrive at the first episode scared: I am already scared of mine for chronic insecurity, but I am even more so because I can not talk”.

Mara Venier, in fact, he said he had many problems expressing himself as before. A problem that creates anxiety especially about her work:

“I make a bestial effort: I have a vice that creates great difficulty in speaking. And so many words I can’t pronounce them. I always think that on the air I could get stuck and make a fool of myself ”.

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