Juventus and Dybala to the reckoning, more grain on the renewal

Allegri crowns Dybala, who continues to dream of renewal: between the Argentine’s entourage and Juventus, the distance on bonuses remains

Paulo Dybala ©️Getty Images

Greeted and passed Cristiano Ronaldo, it’s Paulo Dybala the most important player of the bianconeri. Captain Giorgio Chiellini called this the Juventus by Dybala, crowning the Argentine talent as the team’s technical leader. Yet the ‘Joya’ contract will expire on June 30th, with the risk of seeing him healthy on a free transfer. Both the player’s entourage and the Piedmontese club are working to find an agreement and sign the renewal so desired by the Argentine. Yes, Dybala’s will is to continue in the black and white jersey. Contacts are intensifying, but an important distance remains on the bonuses. To follow and interact LIVE on the latest from Calciomercato SUBSCRIBE to the YOUTUBE channel!

Juventus transfer market, Dybala renewal | Distance on bonuses

Paulo Dybala ©Getty Images

These are very intense days in Turin for Paulo’s renewal Dybala: Jorge Antun, agent of the Argentine, is in constant contact with Cherubini ed Arrivabene and wants to come to an agreement soon. While on the fixed part and on the duration of the contract, which could vary between four and five years, the gap seems to be bridgeable, it is the bonuses that create the greatest problems. As revealed by ‘Tuttosport’, the Juventus would like to tie bonuses to winning trophies, while the ‘Joya’ entourage would like to tie them to appearances and goals. A substantial and substantial difference that could slow down the renewal issue. To get updates in REAL TIME on the latest CALCIOMERCATO, SUBSCRIBE TO OUR TELEGRAM CHANNEL!

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Massimiliano Merry, from the very first moment since his return to the bench, he pointed to Paulo Dybala as the North Star on a technical level. Bringing the Argentine back to past levels and, perhaps, making him take a further step in leadership could significantly affect Juventus’ ambitions. In short, it is the will of all the parties involved to continue together, but the economic distances over time could exacerbate relations and complicate the extension of the contract. For this reason, the next few weeks will be decisive for the renewal of Dybala.

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Juventus Dybala reckoning grain renewal

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