Increased bills: everything changes at home

Increased bills: everything changes at home
Increased bills: everything changes at home

Unrealistic to think that such strong rises as those we have to prepare for leave things unchanged.

An increase of six costs equal to 40% (by now it is clear that the percentage is this) does not only cause some headaches. but it demands a radical change. It is hoped that the government will deploy funds to compensate for the increases but there are no certainties and in any case the compensation will be of minimal impact. In short, everything at home must change. Studies show how covid has changed the consumption habits of Italians and made them more cautious. But all possible savings on supermarket purchases are canceled out by such a sharp increase in bills. Hence, we must implement effective strategies to drastically reduce energy consumption.

Psychology helps us save

The first thing to do is to check if we have taken full advantage of the government bonuses. In fact, many of these bonuses and above all the famous superbonus are focused on the energetic harmony of the house. If it was important before, today it is very important to take advantage of it. But the real game is played on our habits. Non-LED bulbs or the habit of keeping unnecessary lights on at home are to be absolutely banned. We can no longer afford to say phrases like “I know I should be more careful about consumption but I can’t get used to it”. Now we have to get used to it because the impact on our standard of living is really too high. Psychology comes to our aid with the 21 day rule. If we force ourselves to have a habit for at least 21 days, it will enter our routine cycle and it will appear natural to us.

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Equally important is not to keep appliances that we don’t really use on standby. In short, the fight against waste must be absolute and, we repeat, it must be a routine.

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At the base of these increases are inflation, which after years of absence has returned to bite and the costs of the ecological transition.

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