Weather alert Civil Protection for Italy

For a large area of ​​Italy, a civil protection weather alert was issued. This affects many regions as shown on the map.

There is an orange alert on a fairly large part of the Liguria region, north-west Tuscany, and the Apennine area of ​​Emilia. These areas are possible precipitations of strong intensity that could give rise to the flooding of watercourses and temporary flooding.

A yellow alert has been extended to a large Italian territory: we are talking about western Liguria, the whole of Lombardy, northern Piedmont, Veneto, Romagna, the rest of Tuscany and Umbria.

In this part of Italy, locally heavy rains will be possible. Here the criticality is ordinary, however confirmed by the various regional bodies.

Italy will be affected today by a cloudy front that could give rise to localized rainfall of strong intensity. However, precipitation could occur throughout Northern Italy and part of the center of our regions.

There could also be strong gusts of wind. Hail storms are also not to be excluded.

In this period of the year the Mediterranean Sea continues to be very hot, and harbinger of stormy areas that take on strong intensity, and which could also give rise to any conditions of flash floods, as has already happened several times in the south of France this month. of September.

Just the day before yesterday, the locality of Nimes was hit by a flash flood, with about 300 mm of rain falling in just six hours.


Weather alert Civil Protection Italy

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