Apple iPhone: Vibrations from motorbikes could damage the camera

Apple iPhone: Vibrations from motorbikes could damage the camera
Apple iPhone: Vibrations from motorbikes could damage the camera

Bad news for Apple User motorcyclists, from Cupertino the recommendation: “Do not mount your iPhone on the bike …”

A notice appeared on the Apple support pages has sowed chaos among the centaurs loyal to the Cupertino house. As reported by MacRumors, the famous US blog dedicated to the devices of the bitten apple, the giant of Silicon Valley has published a post in which it warns users of the possible damage to the cameras of the iPhone by exposure to the vibrations generated by the “high-power” engines of motorcycles which can reach certain high-amplitude frequencies considered “lethal” to iPhone camera lenses.

iPhone vs Moto

According to Apple, the vibrations produced by motorcycle engines would affect the lenses of the cameras of iPhones equipped with optical image stabilization, Ois, and closed-circuit autofocus, AF, creating a malfunction of the gyroscopes and magnetic sensors used to help. compensate for the movement, jitter and shaking felt when taking a photo or video. As the adage goes: “Man forewarned, forearmed”. The Californian company gets its hands on by declaring to its users that, for the avoidance of doubt, the closed-loop OIS and AF systems are still designed to last, but at the same time stresses that long-term exposure to vibrations are capable of degrading the aforementioned systems resulting in a reduction in the image quality of photos and videos.

Apple: tips

Apparently, the devices affected by this problem are all iPhone models from 7 onwards, including iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6s Plus, or devices that mount closed-circuit Ois and AF systems. Apple recommends avoiding exposing your iPhone to this risk by warning not to fix smartphones to the handlebars or frame of the bike, or, if you really can’t do without it, use an ad hoc support that can dampen most of the vibrations and reduce, in part, the possible damage. Not only that, in the support post Apple warns that even the long-term use of its devices on low-power electric mopeds and scooters could cause damage. After the numerous reports arrived on the support pages of the bitten apple, especially from people dedicated to the use of mountain biking, many hoped that the problem would be solved with the release of the new and expected iPhone 13, but, at least for now, no comment from Cupertino. Apple did not specify what exactly it means by “high-power engines” and what kind of frequencies reached by the vibrations of the engine are the cause of such malfunctions or any broken lenses and, more importantly, what could be the solution offered to its customers. who have already reported such damage. Developments are expected.

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Apple iPhone Vibrations motorbikes damage camera

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