Maxi-tax fraud with tax credits, record seizure of 52 million including a Ferrari

A 52 million euro seizure for tax fraud. They are villas, current accounts and even a Ferrari 599 Gto. The operation of the Guardia di Finanza of Turin involves 30 people and 19 companies accused of fraudulent declaration and undue compensation of non-existent tax credits. The investigations, conducted by the group of economic and financial police of the Gdf of Turin and coordinated by the prosecutor’s office, have reconstructed an articulated system of fraud involving a large number of companies, some simply “paper mills”, empty boxes registered in the name of non-possessing nominees, who had the role to document tax transactions that never took place.

The fraud arose when the company or natural person requested the return of a tax credit. Those credits were later found to be non-existent during the investigation but were sold to third parties for 35 percent of their value. Those who bought the debt could ask for reimbursement and benefit from savings on taxes due, in many cases completely “zeroing out” their debt positions towards the tax authorities.

To unmask the system, investigators followed and intercepted the suspects. They discovered the irregular positions of 11 professionals living in Turin, Asti, Ascoli Piceno, Pisa, Rome, Chieti, Naples, Lecce and Agrigento. They were the authors of the “fakes” that were used by the company to obtain tax credits.


Maxitax fraud tax credits record seizure million including Ferrari

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