Bills, against the maxi price increases mix of measures. First government intervention on system charges

Bills, against the maxi price increases mix of measures. First government intervention on system charges
Bills, against the maxi price increases mix of measures. First government intervention on system charges

A first intervention on the system charges, the levies within the different tariffs. And perhaps a mix of measures, differentiated between the various energy sources. For now, no reduction ofVAT, which instead could arrive in maneuver. She raced against time to curb the specter of dear bills which would start in October. The pressure also comes from the European Union, with the concerns of the Commissioner for the Economy Paolo Gentiloni which asks countries to activate an ‘umbrella’ to help limit the costs of the energy transition. And the different governments move.

Bills, the government studies the anti-price increase plan: immediately a stop to the increases, then the structural reform

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Dear bills on the government table

In Italy, the topic will already arrive on the table of the Council of Ministers convened for tomorrow at Palazzo Chigi to discuss the extension of the Green Pass and adopt the first measures The government aims at an initial intervention to lighten the ‘sting’ that could come, which would be followed by other corrective measures, perhaps in maneuver.

After all, all countries are moving. There Spain decided to tap into the profits of energy companies, deemed excessive, causing repercussions on the stock exchange for many utilities. There France, which is less aware of the repercussions of the market with nuclear power, is studying the possibility of expanding vouchers, which already now use 5.5 million low-income families.

The problem is not just Italian. But, while Istat publishes the surveys on prices in August that see inflation rise to 2%, and consumer associations are already calculating how much all this could weigh on the pockets of families, many are asking to avoid sting for the Italians. To contain the expensive bill, various possible options are being studied. One of these is the sterilization of VAT relating to the tariff increase but it is difficult for this to arrive tomorrow, precisely because of the technical difficulties of intervening on a matter that also requires a comparison with the EU and its rules.

It is easier to intervene on the so-called system charges, that is some heavy taxes that are within the tariffs, for the support of renewables or for the costs of nuclear power, which could be shifted to general taxation. Indeed, as recalled by the CGIL “it is time to change starting from the structure of the electricity bill which is burdened with irrelevant costs, not related to energy, which all fall on families. The state, in recent years – they argue – has discharged all its inefficiencies on the electricity bills ».

In addition to Gentiloni, who admits from Brussels that the climate transition “obviously also entails an increase in prices for the most polluting products” and urges the various countries to question “how to set up umbrellas to avoid too harsh social consequences”, even among the Italian political ranks the intention is to make a common front against price increases. Thus the president of the M5s Giuseppe Conte underlines that it is “a financial problem that we must also solve with the Mef and the whole government, but rest assured of our strong determination to obtain the calm of these bills”. Also because, is the former prime minister’s alarm, “if overnight electricity and gas increase by 30-40%, the family budget jumps completely”.

Meanwhile, from Montecitorio, it is announced that the Chamber will examine the motion of M5S on the rise in energy bills on 22 September. In pressing on the government, the League also starts again. “Our attention in the next few hours is focused on the tax cut for electricity and gas bills,” said the leader of the League and senator, Matteo Salvini, underlining that “there is a VAT that weighs 5 billion on the bills and that it depends solely on the government. So while there are other discussions on the green pass, ius soli and Zan ddl our priority in these hours are the bills ». Expensive energy, moreover, is also the main culprit in the rise in inflation in August: Istat in fact explained today that to push consumer prices to the highest levels since January 2013 were mostly energy goods whose prices they continue to have very large growth for both the regulated and non-regulated components.

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