Merkel and Johnson no vax too? Meloni Exposes Lies About Compulsory Vaccine – Il Tempo

Merkel and Johnson no vax too? Meloni Exposes Lies About Compulsory Vaccine – Il Tempo
Merkel and Johnson no vax too? Meloni Exposes Lies About Compulsory Vaccine – Il Tempo

Giorgia Peretti

September 15, 2021

Vaccine and compulsory green pass are the themes at the opening of “Zona Bianca”, Wednesday 15 September. Giorgia Meloni comments on the new developments on the forthcoming extension of green certification for all workers, public and private. The leader of Fratelli d’Italia is a guest of the Rete 4 talk show, hosted by Giuseppe Brindisi for a long interview on the issues of the moment, the progress of the pandemic and the measures imposed by Mario Draghi’s government.

“I am not in favor of compulsory vaccination for covid vaccines – Meloni begins – because we know that the great difference exists between covid vaccines and the vaccines for which an obligation exists. These vaccines have a conditional authorization because some phases of the experimentation are missing, unlike those that we are used to knowing that have a regular authorization, some phases of the experimentation these vaccines will end in 2023 ”.

The percentages of the doses administered remain stable, to those who see compulsory vaccination as the only way out of the pandemic, the leader of the Fdl replies as follows: “In reality it is not so alarmist. In Italy things went from the beginning better than they are going in the rest of Europe ”. “Here it is worth remembering that no one talks about vaccination obligations in the rest of Europe – he continues – and no one, excluding France, uses the green pass to decide whether you can go and have coffee or not. It is an Italian choice only, so he asks but Angela Merkel who is in favor of the vaccination campaign and opposed to the use of the green pass as Mario Draghi uses it and is it exactly my position also Angela Merkel winks at No-vax? How is it told to me every day? Boris Johnson too? Even Sanchez, the Spanish president? Greece too? All the other European nations too? No, they are simply people who believe that the vaccination campaign is much more effective if it is done by informing people without making the mess that we did and then moving directly to the imposition. Because this aggressive way in my opinion is not helping to get people vaccinated ”. Then on the green pass, he launches the broadside to the government: “it seems to me that this issue is a great weapon of distraction. We have been talking about the green pass for weeks because it is the ideal theme on which to create fans. So it must not be said that the government is not doing and has not done what it had to do again this year ”. The way forward would be to inform citizens rather than “forcing them” and “delving into the topic of home care that we do not know because it cannot be explored here in Italy”. Finally, on the possibility of making swabs free to obtain the green pass, FdI found the government’s diktat: “Brothers of Italy fought a battle because we said how free vaccines are, we also make swabs free. The government replied that the tampons cannot be made free because it is a disincentive to the vaccine. I also don’t understand this because the government’s goal is not to sell the government’s vaccine, it’s to stop the infection ”.

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Merkel Johnson vax Meloni Exposes Lies Compulsory Vaccine Tempo

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