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Alessandra Zorzin: the job at the salon, the love for her daughter and that killer she knew well

Alessandra Zorzin in 2019 (Facebook photo)

Twenty-one-year-old daughter of almost three, hairdresser, Alessandra «Ale» Zorzin was murdered Wednesday at lunchtime in her home in Montecchio Maggiore in the Vicenza area. The femicide took place in the Valdimolino hamlet where the woman had moved for just over a year with her husband Marco Ghiotto. Victim and murderer knew each other well, at least according to the testimonies and stories of the neighbors, the first to understand that something serious had happened on the second floor of the house. The killer who arrived at the house around 11 was let in without hesitation: “A person who had been hanging out in the area for some time», Tell people opposite and acquaintances. The two would have quarreled, it is not clear why, and the man, suspected of having shot her in the forehead, would then have been seen to leave naturally: «che walked at a normal pace, not in a hurry – said the neighbor across the street – as if nothing had happened».

In love with her daughter

Whether the murder has a passionate motive or not will be established by the investigations of the carabinieri, what is certain is that the victim and the executioner knew each other in a non-superficial way. Alessandra Zorzin was a hairdresser by trade: she had followed a professional hairdressing and aesthetics course at the Victory school in Vicenza, where she graduated in 2019, later finding employment in a salon in the province. Just as she was intent on getting her diploma, she got pregnant, just 19, and finished school shortly before giving birth to the baby girl.. Alessandra also told her life through social networks, Facebook and Instagram in the first place, where she had filled the pages with images of the little daughter she called «little, big woman“. “She was sunny and reserved but a beautiful girl,” describe her friends. The little girl al at the time of the murder she was in kindergarten and not even her husband was present in the houseMarco Ghiotto, 28, who was having lunch with his parents. It was he who found her dead on the bed with a devastated face when the neighbors warned him to come back as soon as possible. Alessandra has a sister, Valentina, also originally from Montecchio Maggiore, married and with one daughter. According to the testimonies collected by the investigators, the killer, who would have detained the weapon for reasons professionals (probably a security guard), he had been attending for a few months Alessandra’s home. The man, still on the run, is about forty years old, with an unkempt beard and a black spear.

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Alessandra Zorzin job salon love daughter killer knew

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