Volleyball, European Championships: Italy beats Germany and flies to the semifinals | News

The blues knock out the Germans with a clear 3-0 (25-13, 25-18, 25-19). Serbia on Saturday

L’Italy the race continues in Europeans of men’s volleyball. The Azzurri also dominate in the quarter-finals, beating the Germany with a 3-0 without history gained with the partials 25-13, 25-18, 25-19. Once again a great choral performance for the national team, led by the walls of Anzani and Lavia and by the attacks of Michieletto and Galassi. Saturday in Katowice the semi-final against Serbia, in which they will fight for a place in the final.

Another convincing victory for Italvolley at the men’s Europeans. The Azzurri also defeated Germany with a 3-0 without appeal, well described by the partials of 25-13, 25-18, 25-19, and reached the semifinals. On Saturday, in Katowice, they will face the Serbia to access the last act of the continental tournament. Balanced start of the game, in which the teams fight point to point. On the 7 all, however, Italy finds the first, decided extension with the first half of Galassi, the wall of Anzani and the parallel of Michieletto, followed by an enemy invasion. The four consecutive points galvanize De Giorgi’s men, who take off with an exceptional defense and some mistakes by the opponents: a couple of blocks by Lavia on Grozer are memorable, for the extension until 18-10. The first set soon goes to the archive with a clear 25-13, finalized by Michieletto’s diagonal. In the second part the music does not change. Challenge pulled up to 6-6, then the Azzurri have more concreteness and take advantage of the many wrong jokes by the opponents, who force a lot with poor results or neutralized by the second line.

Lavia’s pipe and Anzani’s wall on Krick’s first half sign 13-8, a difficult gap for the Germans to fill. Galassi’s excellent round at bat definitively directs the set to 21-14: it is Weber’s out-beat that ends 25-18, in favor of Italy. Germany does not want to give up and starts the third set better, moving forward 6-4. De Giorgi’s men first return and then pass forward, even with a splendid dribble attack by Michieletto for 9-7. Two consecutive points from Lavia and then two other precious points from Giannelli and Pinali sign the +6 and bring Italy closer to the next round. The Azzurri continue to grind the game and with two walls of Anzani, seven match points are built: the service out of Karlitzek gives the final 25-19 and the pass to the semifinal. Now you have to keep dreaming.

“We are clearly happy also for the path we have made by playing a really good match. A coach at the end of a match like this can only be satisfied, we are happy not only for us but also for the same blue shirt that returns to the top 4. in Europe”. He said it Fefè De Giorgi, coach of the national volleyball team, speaking after the victory against Germany in the quarter-finals of the European Championships. “The guys know that in our heads now nothing has to change, but we have to go there trying to play our best volleyball and see if it will be enough to reach important goals. Today was not easy – he added – but we were good at limit their strengths and contain them by keeping our pace always very high “. “It is important the growth of some guys in terms of personality during the match and during the whole tournament. They are solving some difficult situations as a team. Now Serbia awaits us and it will certainly not be easy but we will have to go there and express ourselves at the the maximum of our possibilities. Then we will see what happens “, he concluded.

ITALY-GERMANY: 3-0 (25-13, 25-18, 25-19)
– ITA: Giannelli 2, Pinali 11, Galassi 4, Anzani 5, Michieletto 13, Lavia 14, Balaso (L). In: Recine, Romanò, Bottolo, Sbertoli, Cortesia, Ricci, Piccinelli (L). All: De Giorgi.
– GER: Kaliberda 6, Grozer, Brehme 1, Karlitzek 10, Zimmermann 2, Krick 5, Zenger (L). Weber 8, Schott, Krage 2, Tille. Ne: Fromm, Reichert, Goralek (L). All: Giani

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