42 Rome Luiss, coding starts again without professors or fees

42 Rome Luiss, coding starts again without professors or fees
42 Rome Luiss, coding starts again without professors or fees

They will become digital champions by learning coding in an original place, a school with no teachers or fees to pay. Registrations are reopened at 42 Roma Luiss, the coding school brought to Italy last year by Luiss Guido Carli with the aim of training a new generation of digital innovators.

According to the European Center for the Development of Vocational Training,
in fact, employment in the scientific professions in Italy will increase by 4%
by 2050 and, for Oxford University, in Europe over the next five years
will create 9.5 million new jobs in AI, coding and the Internet of

Strategic Partner of the school is Operazione Risorgimento Digitale (ORD), the great alliance for the dissemination of digital culture promoted by TIM and over 40 partners. It is precisely in these companies that 42 Roma Luiss students who are about to finish the first year, will be placed in the coming months for internships and internships.

“With 42 Roma Luiss we have brought a totally educational model to Italy disruptive, which will also allow the most deserving to learn the secrets of digital technology for free from next January. After a very rigorous selection, 150 girls and boys will be identified who will contribute to the technological transformation of our country to win the great challenge of innovation that awaits us “he declared. Giovanni Lo Storto, General Director of the Luiss Guido Carli University.

Always get involved, therefore, to innovate, betting on young people and their skills for the restart: this is the mission of 42 Roma Luiss. Students learn in the field, learning from their mistakes according to the logic of peer-to-peer, the exchange between equals. No fees are paid and no educational qualifications are required: the selection is based on two online tests and on the so-called Pool, 4 weeks of full immersion in coding. Furthermore, from this year, already enrolled students will have the opportunity to continue the 42 in one of the more than 30 campuses around the world, continuing their training in their own language, in the other campuses of the Network.

The next pools will be held at the LVenture Group Hub in Termini Station (Via Marsala 29h), the school’s headquarters, on the following dates: September 27 – October 22; 25 October – 19 November; November 22 – December 17.

Student testimonials

“I was amazed, I learned a lot of things in a short time, you work with a lot of concentration” says Andrea De Luca, 28 years old. Former financial consultant, after the bankruptcy of the company he had founded with three other partners, “42 gave me the strength to be reborn after a dark period”. Now he is already doing a paid internship, also carrying out IT tasks: “In 42 the innovative training method is winning, the more you solve problems the more you go forward”.

Even without technological training, you can access 42 and discover your passion, and then start an internship in partner companies. Like Andrea, also Marta Farnia, 30, had never approached coding: “Here we start from scratch, and finding people of the same level as me I discovered that everyone is available to help you before you ask”. Marta, in just nine months, has learned two programming languages: “Of course, I still have a long way to go, but for now I feel very satisfied”.

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