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Milan beats Rome and Turin and places four districts in the top ten of the most revalued ones in Italy. Here is the photograph of the Italian and Milanese real estate market.

The NEW TOP TEN of the NEIGHBORHOODS that have revalued the most in Italy: first a district of Milan

# Porta Ticinese the most revalued district in Italy, up 6%. Another 3 Milanese neighborhoods in the Italian top ten

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In its usual outlook on the European market Real estate scenarios certifies the resumption of interest in residential throughout Europe in the first half of 2021, an increase in sales of 33.7%, in Italy the figure is even greater with +34,8%. In the part of the report dedicated to Italy, which analyzes the market of the main cities, Milano is preparing to close the year as a queen: it is expected that the data can be touched record of 27 thousand sales at the end of the year. Only Florence has seen a greater increase than Milan in the city average of prices in the last 12 months, 0.8% against 0.6%, but Milan is the district that has registered the greatest annual revaluation: the real estate values ​​of Porta Ticinese have risen by 6%.

Three other districts of Milan they place themselves in the Italian top ten of the most revalued, another record for the city: in Porta Romana prices rose 4.9%, in Sempione-Florence by 4.8% and in Buenos Aires-Centrale del 4.3%. On the podium we find the area of ​​Piazza Navona in Rome, which grew by 5.3% and De Gasperi / Duca d’Aosta in Turin, which rose to 5%.

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# The purchase of homes for non-residents is growing in Milan: in first place in Italy

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Milan beats Rome and Turin also on the percentage of buyers from other provinces of Italy. As revealed by a recent analysis by the Tecnocasa Group Research Department in the Lombard capital, 82.8% of the sales are carried out by residents, while the remainder by those coming from outside, 4.8% from the hinterland and 12.4% from other provinces of the boot: Rome and Turin stood at 10.1% and 9.8% respectively.

Going into detail 6.3% comes fromnorthern area, from other provinces of Lombardy, Liguria and Piedmont, 3.7% from the South, especially from Campania, Puglia and Sicily, 2.4% from Central Italy, particularly from Lazio and Tuscany. The target of buyers from outside are mainly employees, professionals and parents of university students who also buy to make real estate income. Favorite areas where to live are peripheral ones, with greater availability of larger homes, with a terrace and an extra room, served, or that they will be in the future, from the subway. The most sought after macro-areas are San Siro, Niguarda, Inganni-Forze Armed, Forlanini.

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