Razer: finger covers arrive to improve performance in games

Razer: finger covers arrive to improve performance in games
Razer: finger covers arrive to improve performance in games

Razer has already experimented with all sorts of possible solutions to make life easier for players: come on mouse Everyone keyboards, passing from gamepads, headphones, chairs, laptops, smart glasses and so on and so forth. But, until now, he hasn’t thought about finger covers.

The finger covers for the players arrive

Now come the Razer Gaming Finger Sleeves, which are made up, according to the manufacturer, of “smooth and highly sensitive fabric” to offer maximum grip in mobile gaming contexts. They are light and breathable in such a way as to guarantee the maximum possible comfort to the player and, above all, to prevent his fingers from sweating, which is the worst nightmare for a player who is looking for performance.

The fabric in highly conductive silver fiber, in Razer’s intentions, to ensure that theplayer interaction on the smartphone touch screen is faithfully reproduced in-game, improving sensitivity and reducing friction. The thickness of the fabric is less than a millimeter and contributes to making this solution ideal for longer gaming sessions over time.

The toe covers are washable and reusable. In addition, thanks to being made of nylon and spandex they adapt to fingers of any size and are compatible with most mobile gaming devices.

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You can buy them on the official Razer website for $ 9.99, along with the versatile and durable centurino and Razer’s mascot in plush polyester format.

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