Green Pass in the Senate: towards the obligation for public and private workers, trade unions: “No to layoffs for those who don’t have it”

Green Pass in the Senate: towards the obligation for public and private workers, trade unions: “No to layoffs for those who don’t have it”
Green Pass in the Senate: towards the obligation for public and private workers, trade unions: “No to layoffs for those who don’t have it”

ROME. The government won the confidence in the Senate on the Green Pass decree with 189 yes, 32 no and two abstentions. Voting ended around 6:20 pm.
Decree 105 extends the national state of emergency until 31 December, imposing the obligation of a Green pass for indoor restaurants, shows, sports competitions, museums and exhibitions. Also including swimming pools, gyms, festivals, conventions, spas and cultural centers, game rooms and betting rooms.

Control room tomorrow, then the Council of Ministers

The control room will meet on 16 September. The meeting is scheduled at 10:30. The appointment precedes the Council of Ministers, convened for 4 pm.

Concluded the meeting with the trade unions, Uil: “Extended certificate in the public and private sectors”
“The government has informed us that it will approve a decree to make the Green pass mandatory on public and private workplaces,” said Pierpaolo Bombardieri, UIL secretary, after the meeting at Palazzo Chigi. Still no date on the entry into force of the new provision which, according to the advances of the union components, could be October.

CgIl: “There are no redundancies for workers without Green Pass”
“The trade unions ask that no layoffs or structural demotions are envisaged for workers without a Green Pass,” said the secretary of the CGIL Maurizio Landini. Bombardieri added: «On the sanctions we asked that the workers not be fired and on this they gave us a guarantee. Not having the text, we reserve the right to see what they will write ».

Cgil-Uil: “Free swabs until the end of the year”
«We asked for the tampons to be free until the end of the year. We hope that the government will take our reflections into account ”, continues Bombardieri (Uil) on the sidelines of the talks with government ministers. «An extension until the end of the state of emergency. But it does not seem that there is this availability because for the government the Green Pass is a way to increase the number of vaccinated ”. The secretary of the CGIL is of the same opinion: “The certificate also includes the buffer, we reiterated that people do not have to pay to work because it is a safety issue at work.” The unions have called for the introduction of green certification in Parliament.

Democratic Party: let’s vote for trust, no to those who win on votes
Yes of the Democratic Party to the confidence placed by the government on the Green Pass decree. Senator Andrea Marcucci said that with regard to the certificate “We are convinced that we are going on the right path, we need more and more decision because we finally see the restart and the return to individual freedoms, which in words are dear to everyone but are not in the heart of all political forces. We are with the Draghi government, and in favor of vaccination for all ».

Brothers of Italy: let’s vote no
Fratelli d’Italia reiterates its no to the Green pass decree. Senator Francesco Zaffini also protested against the confidence placed by the government on the text approved in recent days by the Chamber. “Yet another vote of confidence: you have 95% of parliamentarians and you continue to shoot us the vote of confidence preventing us from discussing the amendments in committee and in the Chamber. A minimum of dignity and dignity of the institutions.” Senator Francesco Zaffini said in the Chamber.

Forza Italia: “Yes to the extended Green Pass”
Forza Italia will vote yes to the confidence placed by the Government in the Senate on the decree concerning the extension of the vaccination certificate. “We have a great responsibility to say yes to the vaccine to save lives and to the Green Pass to resume a normal life,” said Senator Nazario Pagano. “Let’s also extend it to public and private workers”.

The meeting with the trade unions is in progress
President Mario Draghi’s meeting with the trade unions on the decree for the extension of the Green pass has begun at Palazzo Chigi. The meeting precedes tomorrow’s Council of Ministers. Present were the ministers of Labor Andrea Orlando, of the Public Administration Renato Brunetta, of Health Roberto Speranza and of Economic Development Giancarlo Giorgetti. For the trade unions, the general secretaries of CGIL and UIL, Maurizio Landini (CGIL) and Pierpaolo Bombardieri (UIL) and Angelo Colombini (CISL).

The minister for relations with the Parliament Federico D’Incà has placed his trust in the Senate on the green pass decree. President Elisabetta Casellati suspended the session and summoned the group leaders.

The discussion
The session in the Senate resumed around 4:30 pm with the discussion on the Green pass, a decree on which the government has placed its trust. Five minutes of general discussion requested by the Mixed group foreseen, then we will continue with the explanations of vote. Voting will start around 5.30pm. President Elisabetta Casellati communicated this in the Chamber, reporting the decisions of the group leader. After the vote of confidence in the Green pass, the general discussion on the Reform of the civil process will begin until 8 pm.
The government’s goal is to extend the Green Pass obligation from mid-October to public and private workers. This is the measure that could arrive tomorrow on the table of the Council of Ministers. The work of ministerial technicians continues to perfect the rules contained in the decree.

The discussion in the Senate on the Green Pass began this morning. At the beginning of the proceedings, the president of the Constitutional Affairs Commission Dario Parrini explained that the Commission has not concluded the examination and voting of the 103 amendments presented, and therefore has not voted on the mandate to the rapporteur. The text already approved by the Chamber arrived in the classroom. Senator Lello Ciampolillo (Misto) immediately presented a preliminary question for not passing the decree to the vote, which was rejected.

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