Slap Biden: Arizona’s lawsuit against compulsory vaccination arrives

Slap Biden: Arizona’s lawsuit against compulsory vaccination arrives
Slap Biden: Arizona’s lawsuit against compulsory vaccination arrives

L’Arizona it is the first US state to undertake a it causes against the Covid vaccination requirement announced by President Joe Biden’s administration for 80 million US workers.

What Arizona says

The 15-page lawsuit was filed by the Arizona Attorney General, Mark Brnovich, and argues that the vaccination obligation introduced by the White House violates the Equal Protection Clause, literally “Equal protection clause”, favoring irregular immigrants who are (de facto) exempted from the vaccination obligation precisely by virtue of the ” informality “of their legal status. According to Arizona, foreign nationals illegally present on US territory are in the position of being able to “protect their freedom and physical autonomy more than US citizens can“The lawsuit precedes a series of similar legal steps that could be brought by one in the coming weeks dozen of American states with a republican majority. “The federal government cannot force people to take the Covid-19 vaccine“, reads a note from Brnovich.

“They make fun of the laws”

The Biden administration is once again scoffing at our laws and precedents to impose its radical agenda on us – reports theNova AgencyThere can be no serious or scientific discussion regarding the containment of Covid-19 that does not start from our southern borders“, referring to the historical flow of irregular migrants taking place on the southern border of the United States since the beginning of 2021. As we have recently dealt with, the controversy arises since President Joe Biden signed an executive order aimed at making the vaccine mandatory. against Covid-19 for i employees by announcing it in first person to the whole nation. The American green pass, unlike the European one, does not provide the alternative of regularly undergoing the swab rather than receiving the vaccine. The Department of Labor will ask private companies with over 100 employees to make the vaccine mandatory: those who do not comply can receive fines of up to 14 thousand dollars.

No comment from the White House

What Arizona decided has certainly caused an internal earthquake in the United States: will the Biden line prevail or the desire for “emulation” on the part of other states? For the time being, the White House has declined to comment on the matter. As we read on the Wall Street Journal, i requirements Biden’s are the most controversial part of his broader strategy to combat the Delta variant of Sars-Cov-2. Republicans and other conservative critics of the president’s policy have questioned whether the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, or even the federal government, has the authority to adopt such a broad medical mandate.

Legal observers say they expect vaccine rules to be met with a flurry of lawsuits from other states, employers and workers: even if there is skepticism about Mr. Brnovich’s arguments and his state’s ability to pursue litigation, it is still a gray area where federal rules have yet to be promulgated or enforced. “The arguments are not particularly serious“said Jonathan Adler, a professor of constitutional law at Case Western Reserve University.”The policy is not yet in effect“.


Slap Biden Arizonas lawsuit compulsory vaccination arrives

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