he investigates the friendships and paths of studi- Corriere.it

he investigates the friendships and paths of studi- Corriere.it
he investigates the friendships and paths of studi- Corriere.it

The only red thread that binds the three tragedies is the fact that Monday, for all three victims, it was the first day of school. A casual fact that alone is not enough to explain these three dramas. A 15-year-old boy and girl who took their own lives by jumping off the balcony and a 12-year-old girl who fights for her life hospitalized in very serious conditions. Gestures without a reason on which the magistrates of the Milan prosecutor’s office and that of minors are now investigating.

The investigations

The prosecutor on duty has opened an investigation, against unknown persons, with thehypothesis of instigation to suicide to carry out the necessary police investigations on the case of the 15-year-old of Asian origin who, in the late afternoon of Monday, threw himself from the balcony of his house on the 12th floor of a building in Comasina. The young man was at home with his sister when suddenly he went out and threw himself into the void.

They did not suffer from mental disorders

A suicide similar to that which took place early in the morning in Bollate, where a girl of the same age who threw herself from the seventh floor died. Again nothing to do. And no message or signal that lets you think about the causes of the gesture. Both 15-year-olds did not suffer from mental disorders and were never reported to have been treated. The police of the Comasina police station are investigating the first case, while the investigations on the suicide of Bollate are conducted by the carabinieri of the Rho Group and the tenenza. Yesterday policemen and soldiers listened for a long time to the parents of the two young victims. The 15-year-old from Bollate threw herself into the void before leaving the house to go to school.

The malaise

The first investigations did not reveal any episodes of bullying or other uncomfortable situations. Investigations are still ongoing and investigators are also trying to reconstruct the scholastic path of the two boys. From the first checks there would be no signs of a malaise related to the beginning of the new school year. Cell phones will also be analyzed.

Between life and death

Instead, the 12-year-old who, shortly before 8 o’clock on Monday morning, threw herself out of a window on the fourth floor of the building where she lives with her parents in the Corso Sempione area, had to begin her second year of middle school. The girl fights for her life in the hospital where she was transported by a 118 ambulance and a self-medical. Also in this case there is no doubt about the dynamics of the suicide also because a witness told the police that the son saw the 12-year-old climb alone on the windowsill and throw herself into the void.

No message

The prosecutor for minors Ethel Matilde Ancona and the prosecutor Ciro Cascone have opened a file to try to reconstruct the reasons for the gesture. Again no messages were left and the shocked parents were unable to find an explanation for his gesture.. Even the first investigations on the school did not provide any reading of the dramatic gesture.

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investigates friendships paths studi Corriereit

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