Enel black jersey at FTSEMib

Enel records the worst performance of the day at the FTSEMib. At 3.30 pm the stock of the electric giant left 4.88% on the ground at € 7.072, just above the daily low of € 7.054.

Barclays analysts have filed the target price on Enel, taking it from 10 euros to 9.9 euros. However, the experts confirmed the “Overweight” judgment, as the new target price implies a 33% increase compared to the closing price of Enel shares in the session of September 14, 2021 (€ 7.435).

Furthermore, some analysts report the proposal of the Spanish government led by Pedro Sanchez to reduce the price of electricity to final consumers, as a result of the sharp increase in the price of raw materials.

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Enel black jersey FTSEMib

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