LIVE MN – Youth League, Liverpool-Milan (1-0)

LIVE MN – Youth League, Liverpool-Milan (1-0)
LIVE MN – Youth League, Liverpool-Milan (1-0)

60 & # 39; Gala tries from outside the box; shot throttled and ball out.

57 ‘Beck slips away into the penalty area, looks for contact with some Rossoneri and falls to the ground. The referee stops the game and warns the Reds full-back for simulation.

54 ‘Liverpool restart with Woltman, but the conclusion is deflected by Stanga.

45 & # 39; The recovery has begun.

Liverpool ahead of Milan at the end of the first half. A very balanced first half of the match, with the Rossoneri having had the chance to equalize Woltman’s goal several times. And just four minutes from the end of the first 45 ‘, El Hilali hits the crossbar in full. The Rossoneri striker, shortly after, has another chance to even the score, but Davies saves everything and puts in a corner. We will need a great reaction in the second half.

46 ‘End of the first half.

45 ‘AC MILAN OPPORTUNITY! Capone finds El Hilali all alone in the penalty area, but the shot is deflected by Davies.

44 ‘Goal opportunity Liverpool. Morton’s penalty from a dangerous position, but Desplanches corners in the corner.

43 ‘Foul by Obarettin and yellow card for the Rossoneri defender.

41 ‘ACROSS MILAN! Capone escapes Bradley’s marking on the baseline, also anticipates Davies and serves El Hilali on the edge of the small area; the AC Milan striker shoots straight at the crossbar with the goal almost unguarded.

38 ‘Bad foul by Bradley on Kerkez. The referee does not think twice and extract the first yellow card of the match.

34 ‘Liverpool respond. Beck’s cross for Gordon, but the conclusion of the number 7 Reds ends out.

33 & # 39; AC Milan opportunity! Great action by Amore who catches a very difficult ball, dry dribbling on Chambers, shooting around and a great save by Davies.

32 ‘Liverpool very close to doubling. Woltman is face to face with Desplanches, but the AC Milan goalkeeper manages to deflect the ball with his foot.

30 & # 39; Balagizi misses the back support and gives the ball to Capone. The AC Milan striker tries to serve El Hilali in depth, but the ball is too long.

23 ‘Free kick from a dangerous position for Liverpool: Gordon tries to surprise Desplanches on his post, but the Rossoneri goalkeeper is attentive and makes the ball his own.

22 ‘Corner in favor of the Rossoneri: scheme to free El Hilali who ends high from outside the area.

21 ‘AC Milan opportunity! Capone exchanges with El Hilali, cross for Di Gesù who hits the ball badly a few passes from the goal line.

16 & # 39; Capone steals the ball on the opponent’s trocar, ball to El Hilali who firstly serves Love, but the conclusion of the Rossoneri winger ends out.

14 & # 39; Milan’s first conclusion towards the Reds goal: Capone tries from long distance, very high ball.

12 ‘Cross by Morton, Stanga puts his head in it and sends the ball for a corner.

8′ Goal del Liverpool! Beck’s dry dribling on Coubis on the left, cross for Woltman and left-handed striker Reds makes no mistake and realizes the goal of the momentary advantage.

4 ‘Woltman tries to free the right, Desplanches is careful and saves to the ground.

3 ‘Koumetlo’s header on the development of a free kick, but the ball ends high over the crossbar.

1 ‘Liverpool that kicks off the dances.

These are the official formations of Liverpool-Milan of the Youth League:

LIVERPOOL: Davies, Chambers, Bradley, Koumetlo, Beck, Gordon, Morton, Stephenson, Balagizi, Woltman, Muslalowski. a disp.: Mrozek, Norris, Corness, Bacetic Maquierira, Cannonier, Frauendorf, Clark. All.: Bridge-Wilkinson.

MILAN: Desplanches, Coubis, Stanga, Obaretin, Kerkez, Di Gesù, Sheet, Gala, Love, El Hilali, Capone. Available: Pseftis, Polenghi, Bjorklund, Bright, Rossi, Alesi, Bozzolan. All .: Joints.

Friends of, welcome to Liverpool FC Academy, home to the UEFA Youth League match between Liverpool and AC Milan, a match valid for the first day of the group. The Rossoneri are back in the top European youth competition after more than 7 years thanks to the qualification of the Rossoneri in the Champions League by Mr. Pioli. As always, thanks to our direct text, we will tell you all the emotions of this match, minute by minute, action after action, until the final whistle. Stay with us, therefore, to stay updated on the progress of the match.

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