Verbali di Amara, Davigo’s former assistant to the secretary under investigation: “Do you want to detonate this bomb or not?”

Verbali di Amara, Davigo’s former assistant to the secretary under investigation: “Do you want to detonate this bomb or not?”
Verbali di Amara, Davigo’s former assistant to the secretary under investigation: “Do you want to detonate this bomb or not?”

“Do you want to detonate this bomb or not?”. Giulia Befera, former assistant of Piercamillo Davigo to the High Council of the Judiciary, sent this message to Marcella Contrafatto, secretary of the former public prosecutor of Mani clean, under investigation for slander because accused of having anonymously sent the minutes of Piero Amara, a former external lawyer of Eni convicted of corruption in judicial acts and investigated by several prosecutors, to the magistrate Nino Di Matteo, as well as some journalists. The investigation is closed and the Rome Prosecutor’s Office is preparing to ask for the woman to be sent to trial. The news is reported by Corriere della Sera and Repubblica. Those minutes – in which the lawyer lists the names of 70 personalities including magistrates, judges, politicians, entrepreneurs, journalists who would have been part of an alleged lodge – were delivered to Davigo by the Milanese prosecutor Paolo Storari who seemed to believe that the investigations were stopped or almost, only to then declare to the CSM that there was no inertia. For this delivery of documents, which took place without a protocol and without following a procedure, Davigo and Storari are being investigated in Brescia. Where the chief prosecutor of Milan Francesco Greco was also registered. On the self-styled lodge Hungary, on the other hand, the prosecutor of Perugia is investigating.

“Councilor Davigo told me in May 2020 that he had decided to break off relations with Councilor Ardita because he had been given a statement of statements made to the Milan Public Prosecutor in which the name of Ardita was associated with a lodge; I don’t remember if he told me who gave him the minutes. He also spoke of a certain immobility of the Milan prosecutor’s office. I don’t remember if she mentioned Amara as the person who had made those statements, ”Befera told the Roman investigators. “Davigo told me that he had talked about it with the vice president of the CSM, and I know that Contrafatto was also aware of the minutes. He told me he knew where they were placed, that is, in Davigo’s room, on a shelf at the bottom. According to the youngest assistant – reports the Corriere – the turning point of this story takes place con the decision of the CSM to oust the former public prosecutor of Mani Pulite at the moment in which he left the toga; at first he himself thought he was confirmed, but then he understood that this would not happen ”. The former public prosecutor of Mani clean supported a tug-of-war, also legal, in order to continue to carry out the function of adviser despite being retired.

“The Contrafatto – explained the former assistant – represented to me that it would have been beautiful and striking if the story relating to the minutes had had media hype, to the lodge and to the fact that Davigo knew and had informed the presidency of the CSM and the President of the Republic, being repaid with failure to reconfirm. “He manifested his idea of ​​making a headline in the newspapers before the plenum; he basically told me it would be ‘wonderful’ if the news hit the papers. My perception at the time was that Marcella was exaggerating, because she is a subject over the top. I told her ‘let’s go to jail’. The shipments to newspapers date back to October-November 2020 (both to Il Fatto Quotidiano) and to February 24, 2021 (La Repubblica). Nothing came out, and in December 2020, on Christmas day, Befera wrote a message to Contrafatto to ask her: “Do you want to detonate this bomb or not?”. To the prosecutors, the woman explained that she was not referring to journalists but “to Davigo’s attitude, I wondered why he continued not to publicly reveal what he knew about Ardita”.

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