Lombardy, 80% vaccinated. Now we start with the third doses – Chronicle

Lombardy, 80% vaccinated. Now we start with the third doses – Chronicle
Lombardy, 80% vaccinated. Now we start with the third doses – Chronicle

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Milan – Lombardy arrived yesterday to 80 percent of the vaccinable population covered with a full course of anticoronavirus. And in less than a week, next Monday, the injections of the third dose for the most frail patients, who have more difficulty developing antibodies and would risk worse consequences by contracting Covid.

The official of the date arrived on Monday evening from the emergency commissioner’s structure. “It will start from transplant patients solid organ and hematopoietic stem cells and we will continue with the other categories of patients immunocompromessi”, explained by the Region, clarifying that “pending the precise definition of the target population by the Ministry of Health, the” regional “crisis unit has already defined the activities and priorities for the elaboration of the operational plan for the administration of additional doses e booster file “”, and that the aforementioned plan, once shared “with the Ats, the Asst and the representatives of general practitioners, pediatricians, pharmacies” who will be involved in the autumn-winter campaign will be presented next week.

The category of “fragile and very fragile” who will be the first to receive the “additional dose”, the consultant for the Lombard vaccination campaign Guido Bertolaso ​​in Telelombardia had anticipated, includes “about one million Lombards. Then we will prepare before the end of the year also for the elderly of the RSA, the over 80, then for the doctors and nurses. From 2022 we will start with all the other people they want. “The first indications of the Ministry of Health, in a circular yesterday, distinguish the third dose operation into two strategies. The “priority” ones are the “additional doses”, considered a “completion of the vaccination cycle in order to achieve an adequate level of immune response” in people who struggle more. In other words, those transplanted and awaiting transplantation, cancer patients on immunosuppressive, myelosuppressive therapy (or who have stopped it for less than six months) or based on CAR-T cells, patients with immunodeficiencies, on dialysis or with renal insufficiency severe, or who have had their spleen removed. All people who should have received two doses of Pfizer or Moderna, but whatever the first vaccine was, the circular points out, for the additional dose, injectable “after at least 28 days” from the last, one of the two mRna vaccines will be used ( therefore also in heterologous mode).

The other type of third dose will instead function as a “booster”: a real reminder, to be made at least six months after the end of primary school, “in order to maintain or restore an adequate level of immune response, in particular in populations characterized by a high risk, due to conditions of fragility or occupational exposure “. The strategy for the” boosters “, always based on Pfizer or Moderna regardless of the first vaccine performed,” will be defined in favor of further groups target “, explain from the Ministry.

Meanwhile, of the approximately nine million vaccinated Lombards, 80% have completed the first cycle: “First region in Italy” to hit the target set by General Commissioner Francesco Paolo Figliuolo, underlines the vice president and councilor for Welfare Letizia Moratti, noting that adhesions to the campaign are 87% with peaks of 96% among the over 80 and 93% among the over 60s, and 82% among young people aged 12 to 29. And even if it is necessary to discount the coverage one million Lombards not yet vaccinated as they are under 12 years old, that 80% “is a goal that makes us feel calmer, considering that for most infections above this threshold we are starting to talk about” herd immunity “”, observed the governor Attilio Fontana. Immediately reprimanded by the group leader dem al Pirellone Fabio Pizzul: “Experts say that with the variants in circulation, herd immunity does not exist. Fontana does not make the usual mistake, praise is useless, especially if the game with Covid is still to win “.

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