“It should be extended to everyone, right position inexplicable”

“It should be extended to everyone, right position inexplicable”
“It should be extended to everyone, right position inexplicable”

“The position of the Italian right on anti covid vaccines and Green Pass Italy is inexplicable.” “Inexplicable! To be even clearer: I am in favor of extending the Green Pass to all categories of workers, obviously starting with those of the public service. The Green Pass does not take away freedom: the Green Pass gives us back the freedom that the virus has taken away from us. “So Matteo Renzi in the enews, who then comments on the beginning of the school year:” The school – he says – starts again in presence. Long live the Green Pass, other than wheeled benches. A big wish to the students: the educational challenge is the most important. In times of artificial intelligence and algorithms, betting on the heart and brain is more necessary than ever. ”

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And on expected increases in electricity, “great controversy over the statements by Minister Cingolani on the hypothesis of an increase in the electricity bill by 40%. The statements were made at a conference of the CGIL and not of Italia Viva and therefore this time no one – fortunately – threatened with death the Minister “.

“The truth is very simple: with the geopolitical tensions over gas, the increase in the cost of raw materials, financial speculation, the weight of taxation decided in Europe, the ecological transition risks being a bloodbath for families and for manufacturing. Exactly what Cingolani explained in Ponte di Legno by targeting radical chic. We must finally unlock the plants (seven years ago they massacred us for Sblocca Italia, now we understand how important that provision was), work on renewables , facilitate recycling and the circular economy “.

“To make waste become an opportunity for wealth, we need technologies, which we have; plants, which we continue not to want to create; rules, which cannot be punitive against businesses and families. And of course, it is necessary to make transition a global political and geopolitical challenge, not leaving this argument to the professionals of ideology alone but using all the tools the country has at its disposal: budget, fiscal lever, foreign policy, the role of large companies. An exciting and difficult issue on which the credibility of politicians is played against populists “.


extended position inexplicable

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