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Personnel fleeing all emergency rooms. ‘Immediate decisions or system to collapse’

Florence, September 15, 2021 – Una flurry of resignations of doctors and nurses. Not only the six who left Careggi in the last month. In the others emergency room of the Tuscany the situation is the same, perhaps worse. The crisis of the emergency-urgency system and the contextual ‘flight’ of personnel is a national phenomenon but which in recent months has particularly intensified in our region with the unexpected release of important numbers of specialized figures, arousing alarm also for the functioning of services.

«The shortage of personnel exceeds 25% of the organic plant – he explains Simone Magazzini, director of the Emergency-urgency and critical area department of the ASL Toscana centro – The exodus from the emergency room of the hospitals of the health care company is numerically even greater. Here they leave for the same reasons but not only to go to be family doctors or to return to university and specialize in other disciplines, but also to participate in competitions to enter the Careggi emergency room, by virtue of the attractiveness exercised by the structure”.

The territorial emergency also suffers a similar hemorrhage. “The territory, however, unlike the emergency room network, starts from a density of guard points significantly higher than that of other regions which also guarantee standards of assistance not inferior to ours (such as Lombardy, Emilia, Romagna and Veneto) – adds Magazzini – So with an appropriate remodeling, as part of an overall regional project, it could not compromise the quality and safety of the system ».
Hospitals, on the other hand, suffer. Trade unions and politics demand urgent and adequate responses to address the crisis.

“If life is unbearable in the largest hospital in Tuscany, it is easy to imagine what happens in the rest of Tuscany – incalza Flavio Civitelli, regional secretary Anaao, the union that counts the highest number of members among hospital doctors – In this situation the region has blocked the turnover of doctors while in many hospitals professionals from other departments are obliged to cover shifts in the emergency room, effectively dragging all services into a free fall of the health system which, with inevitable mass escapes, will be able to survive of a few months during which the ability to respond to the health needs of citizens will collapse ».
In short, for Civitelli we need “immediate and courageous legislative acts that bring Tuscany back to the top of the capacity for political proposal that has been at a standstill for years while our proposals have been lying in the drawers of the councilor for months”. “While small communities continue to be deceived by promising hospital services that are impossible, and often useless, unsustainable cuts are made in human resources and technology, thinking of reorganizing their budgets by saving on the health of citizens. A very serious mistake », concludes the trade unionist.

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The position of center-right politicians is tough. “It is inevitable that if you do not hire and force the staff to continuous stress, professionals will eventually look around and look for more liveable solutions,” says the deputy of Coraggio Italia, Stefano Mugnai, deputy group leader deputy in the Chamber. “Decisions are needed and they are needed immediately.”

“That doctors choose to leave their posts in the emergency room is a worrying fact – comments the Tuscan MEP of the league. Susanna Ceccardi – During the pandemic it was promised by the forces that govern the region that there would be a territorial reorganization capable of relieving first aid, but it seems to us that we remained in the announcements, to the detriment of health personnel and citizens. My fear is that, once the Covid emergency is over, all the problems of the Tuscan health system will rise again together, and worse than before “.

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