Men and women: Giorgio Manetti is single again

Men and women: Giorgio Manetti is single again
Men and women: Giorgio Manetti is single again

The former knight of men and women Giorgio Manetti is single again. In an interview with the weekly Nuovo Tv he admitted the end of his relationship with his historical girlfriend Caterina. The seagull also spoke about Gemma Galgani and her antagonist Isabella Ricci, about whom she would give us a thought …

Farewell Catherine. And even goodbye Gemma. Giorgio Manetti, former knight of Men and women, known for his frequentation with the Turin lady of the program of Maria De Filippi, is back single.

The seagull, as he was nicknamed at the time of the Canale 5 dating show, gave an interview to the weekly Nuovo TV directed by Riccardo Signoretti who, after the scoop of retouch the breast by Galgani, he anticipated the breakup between Giorgio and his historical girlfriend Caterina. The two seemed destined to be the protagonists of a long story, which however did not actually have a happy ending.

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The confession of Giorgio Manetti

Manetti confessed his singletudine, but he immediately pointed out that in his life now there is no room for Gemma. The queen of the throne over, therefore, will not be the next target of the Tuscan who no longer sees in her the woman he fell in love with a few years ago.

Gemma has completely changed, it is no longer what it was then and therefore no longer exercises any charm on him. Charm that, on the other hand, exerts on the rider the new entry of Maria De Filippi’s program, which we had the opportunity to see in the last period of the last edition: it is the Roman entrepreneur Isabella Ricci.

Giorgio would court Isabella Ricci

Who knows what Gemma’s reaction will be when she hears that “her” Giorgio prefers her antagonist and rival Isabella: Giorgio the inviterebbe gladly to price, recognizing in her a great charm. Furthermore, Ricci is a mature woman who does not live constantly in adolescence as does Gemma instead.

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This side is particularly fascinating in the eyes of the comma seagull who at the moment, however, would not seem absolutely willing to put his feet back in the study of the transmission conducted by De Filippi: “I closed“.

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